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The Variants #2 (of 5)

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Jessica Jones is experiencing terrifying blackouts and leaving chaos and pain in her wake. But will the latest effects of her missing time leave her on the wrong side of the law AND her own family? Meanwhile, the mysterious VARIANTS arrive, and Jessica fears for her own sanity!

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Unsurprisingly, The Variants continues to be as stellar and surprising as its initial first issue. Jessica's search for identity and agency gets taken into some truly unexpected territory, with moments that could not be more beautifully constructed if they tried. Gail Simone's script remains unparalleled, with lines of dialogue and narration that legitimately stop me in my tracks. Phil Noto's art is still as stellar as ever, and it's a thrill seeing him draw some of the growing ensemble cast in this issue. If you're not reading The Variants, fix that immediately. Trust me.
  • 100

    You Don't Read Comics

    Three more issues left in the series. It’s still pretty confusing as to precisely what is going on. Simone is gazing deeply into the psyche of Jess while Noto is bringing that psyche to the page with a striking clarity of vision. There’s an impressive complexity about it all that also embraces the whole of the Marvel Universe with a tender intimacy. Simone has a deep understanding of what works for Jessica Jones, and she’s bringing that understanding to the page.
  • 98

    Comic Watch

    Like a clever origami puzzle, issue #2 continues to slowly unfold what is happening to Jessica Jones and the mystery of these variants . Simone shows off her incredible ability for character voice and digging into the emotional core of characters she writes. This is brought to life through glorious art loaded with emotional nuance from Noto to match the excellent script. It's a slower paced but emotionally taut affair that deepens the mystery while digging deep into its main characters core. This is Jessica Jones storytelling at it's finest.
  • 93

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Simone delivers a wonderful mystery in this series and this issue and does so with great dialogue, humor, charm and empathy for Jessica as a character. I love her struggle in this story and this issue does a brilliant job of highlighting the things she is willing to fight for as well as how hard it continues to be to keep the secrets that are hurting her. I love the progression and evolution of the story and cannot wait for the next issue. The Art: Noto delivers some beautifully detailed and stylish art that visually draws me in with every character and location.
  • 90

    Major Spoilers

    This issue still doesn't explain the whole of what's going on but that's okay, because the plot, characters and art are all strong enough that I want this mystery to last.
  • 90


    This series is everything great about modern superhero comics. Strong writing and art craft a compelling story about real people as superheroes, and I can only hope there are more such Jessica Jones Mysteries in the future.
  • 85

    Graphic Policy

    The Variants #2 is another fantastic issue. The series is amazing so far and I have no idea what's happening next. If you're a fan of mysteries, drama, or Jessica Jones, this is one that's not to be missed.
  • 80


    The comic has several cameos including She-Hulk, who shows up as Jessica’s contingency plan if she loses control, with mentions and namedrops of even more characters. As Jessica rolls with the various punches, we keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. Will Kilgrave take control? What do the other Jessica’s want with her and this reality? And what else may happen next?

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