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The Swamp Thing #16 (of 10)

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Now restored to full power, the Swamp Thing must face the Parliament of Gears if he has any hope of saving the Earth. But the corruptive, cancerous force of industry has already destroyed so much-will Swamp Thing be able to turn the destructive tide before it’s too late? Find out in the earthshaking finale of The Swamp Thing.

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    The Swamp Thing #16 marks the end to the latest chapter in the saga of the Swamp Thing with a note of both hope and dread. Another existential adventure comes to a conclusion, but not necessarily a definitive conclusion. This series bows out, much as it was birthed, thought provoking from start to finish.
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    DC Comics News

    With The Swamp Thing #16, this run of everyone's favorite "muck-encrusted mockery of a man, culminates in it's 18th issue (counting Future State) with a deeply thought provoking finale to a deeply thought provoking series.
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    Geek Dad

    The last few Swamp Thing runs have all massively expanded the mythology of the Green and its champion, and Ram V's take is no different. But it also seems to be doing something completely different as we reach this final issuecreating a beautiful, almost lyrical reflection of what it means to represent the Green and the myriad of plant life in the world amid the ever-encroaching presence of humanity and technology.
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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Ram V brings this arc to a satisfying, brilliant and thought provoking conclusion. I really enjoyed how the story focused on ideas and how those ideas led the characters and the ultimate resolution of the story. The story was beautifully intelligent in its execution and gave me more of an appreciation for the character of Swamp Thing and his place in the DC universe. The Art: Perkins delivers some dazzling imagery throughout this issue. There is a beauty to every page and panel and I was blown away by the visuals throughout the story.
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    The Swamp Thing continues to play upon past iterations of the character and carves out a grove for Levi Kamel that fits wonderfully into one of DC Comics' most ambitious canons. Just before the final pages of epilogue there is a triumphant splash displaying the Swamp Thing and nature in glorious repose; it's precisely the sort of splendid ending this series earned.
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    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

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    Weird Science DC Comics

    The Swamp Thing #16 concludes the run with plenty of speeches, ideas, and pontification but halfhearted attempts at resolution. This issue, like the run as a whole, simply collects ideas to tell you sentience is good and greed is bad with nary a thought to justifying the myriad of plot threads that never get addressed. If you love the art, this finale may be worth the cover price. But if you want a story that ends with a little more consideration than a cheap fortune cookie, look elsewhere.

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