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The Swamp Thing #12 (of 10)

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Tefé Holland and Jennifer Reece dive into the Green to recover Levi, but soon find that the Swamp Thing may not want to return. Meanwhile, Dr. Woodrue’s strange procedure with the remains of the Pale Wanderer has resulted in unintended consequences, and the world itself may never be the same because of it.

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    If Capitalism could live and breathe, then the newly resurrected Harper Pilgrim would be what it looked like. And with Swamp Thing still in deep hibernation, will be revived in time? More existential and dark machinations grow and fester in ‘The Swamp Thing’ #12.

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    DC Comics News

    The Swamp Thing won 2021 by getting an extended life of six additional issue for a “season two in 2022. This issue exemplifies why this happened- the creative team understands the character, his world and how to tell stories that touch the reader while connecting to the past and pushing forward with new ideas that are germane to the concept.

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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Ram V is creating an incredibly interesting and engaging world for these characters in this issue. Creating so many different characters as challengers to Swamp Thing allows Ram V to explore some really intriguing themes that captured my imagination and attention as the story progressed. The story does a brilliant job of showcasing Levi’s struggle while also building on both his relationships and the changing world that he will have to defend. I cannot wait to see where this story goes next.

    The Art: Perkins delivers some beautiful art on every page of this story. Each character moment has its own visual mood and they work brilliantly together to tell the story.

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    Geek Dad

    While Ram V’s writing drives this series, Mike Perkins’ art is the special sauce that makes it so memorable. In other hands, the new being that emerges at the end could have been nothing unique, but Perkins infuses her with a unique sense of the unknown that makes for the perfect cliffhanger.

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    There is a much smaller metaphor for the brotherly love that was nearly eradicated in The Swamp Thing #10 that proves very effective in these pages, especially in the intensely inked details of a small, nearly hopeless plant. While it’s unclear exactly how this fractured narrative will restructure itself in the coming issues, the ideas and visual grandiosity on display here provide every reason to maintain high expectations. The Swamp Thing maintains a long tradition of thoughtful, empathetic comics that transcend the character’s genre roots.

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    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

  • 76

    Monkeys Fighting Robots

    The Swamp Thing #12’s script is a little crowded and heavy-handed. V doesn’t leave much information for the reader to piece together in this chapter. But the ideas presented in this issue, and the accompanying visuals, are as stunning as ever. Perkins, Spicer, and Bidikar create a beautifully detailed world that it’s hard not to get lost in.

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    Weird Science DC Comics

    The Swamp Thing #12 takes the exciting developments and momentum from issue #11 and grinds almost to a dead stop. Ram V seems intent on turning everything that has impacted life and society into a force with its own avatar, and it’s presented here with all the energy and drama of a sleeping kitten. Unfortunately, while those developments might lead to a new rogue’s gallery for Swamp Thing in the future, it’s difficult to care when the story is too dull to keep you interested.

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