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The Sensational She-Hulk #7

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It was supposed to be a vacation, but now She-Hulk is fighting for her life on a space station orbiting the sun!

Recently, She-Hulk scuttled plans of the space crime lord Drapurg to destroy Manhattan, and he’s out for revenge.

If that weren’t bad enough, someone is also out for emotional revenge as well, but is it aimed at She-Hulk or Jack of Hearts?!

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  • 90

    While Jen herself takes a bit of a backseat in this issue, Sensational She-Hulk continues to build a delightful and meaningful arc. Rainbow Rowell’s script folds together some Marvel deep cuts into a heartfelt modern context, perfectly accented by Ig Guara and Dee Cunniffe’s work in creating the moody cosmic club that is the issue’s setting. I have faith this is going to culminate in some great storytelling, both for Jen and for those around her.

  • 70


    This issue provides all of the silly and charming romantic drama that I love in my comics. If only it wasn’t about the Jack of Hearts/She-Hulk relationship, which I just don’t like. But it’s fun, it’s silly, it’s personal, and it’s well written and drawn. So hopefully people who enjoy that relationship enjoy this comic! Rowell did her homework and found the one random character at Marvel who actually had a relationship with Jack of Hearts, and that makes for a silly issue. I think some of the misunderstandings and miscommunications are a little stretched.

    Like, She-Hulk immediately freaks out and runs away just because Jack of Hearts knows another woman. And then nobody talks to one another to explain what’s going on. Jack’s an asshole for not telling Ganymede straight up that he’s with someone else now, even as she professes her love. And Jen should better appreciate that Jack of Hearts was dead for a long time and is only now back, and it’s not the end of the world that he catches up with an ex-girlfriend. Or maybe that’s just me? Anyway, I do love me some silly romantic drama in my superhero comics, so the issue is good in my book.

  • 70

    First Comics News

  • 65


    She-Hulk is still on vacation in space. Also in space is the lord of the horde Drapurg and he wants vengeance against She-Hulk. All this while Jack Of Hearts plays with She-Hulk’s heart. What will happen next?

  • 60

    Comic Book Revolution

    The Sensational She-Hulk #7 is at its best when the characters are simply allowed to be the drivers of the story. Even with She-Hulk taking a backseat to Jack of Hearts and Ganymede the development of these two still is enough to carry the issue. Unfortunately, it is the moments where Rowell inserts their voice as the narrator that the story falters. There is just way to much hand holding in the first half of Sensational She-Hulk #7 that gets in the way of enjoying what is going on in the scene. With Rowell having Ig Guara delivering great artwork to help get over the impact of the dialogue, the narration just gets in the way. Luckily, the ending for Sensational She-Hulk #7 recovers enough to regain some of its momentum to help the next issue lift up this story.

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