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The Sensational She-Hulk #4

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SHE-HULK and JACK OF HEARTS go on vacation… IN SPACE!

Someone from Jack’s past is looking for him.

When two heavy hitters like She-Hulk and Jack of Hearts are in SERIOUS DANGER, that’s a huge problem.

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  • 95


    Sensational She-Hulk remains grounded in a way only Marvel Comics superheroes are. Thi sis the world outside our window, complete with crappy day jobs and messy friends. Sensational She-Hulk is brilliantly energetic and deeply real.

  • 90

    Sensational She-Hulk eschews the past few issues of superheroics in favor of stakes more personal and incredibly delightful. Jen’s standing as a superhero, and her dynamic with characters like Jack of Hearts and Patsy Walker, evolves in some meaningful and slice-of-life ways through Rainbow Rowell’s script, before ending on a plot twist that has tons of potential. Ig Guara’s art fits into the “house style” of the series pretty well, all while making some distinct choices regarding panel layout and fashion design. Unsurprisingly, Sensational She-Hulk is continuing to knock it out of the park.

  • 80


    This is a solid storytelling chapter, as the story moves onward and we deal with the injured Spike. We get some great scenes between the characters, both Autobot and Decepticon. Optimus shows how heroic he can be, sacrificing a lot to help the humans, and to help save Spike. While Ratchet chides him for all that sacrifice. It adds some real character depth to the team, which is great. I’m not Transformers fanatic, so I was a little disappointed that when Ratchet teased that they needed firepower to help Prime, that only Jazz showed up. Is Jazz somehow super important in the Transformers universe? I have no idea. But it led to a cool arrival and a bunch of big action moments; likewise with Cliffjumper and Carly. There were a lot of cool character moments, is what I’m saying.

    The Decepticons got some good moments too. They fight well, and then they tore Skywarp apart when they realized they needed Cybertronian parts to rebuild their ship. Literally tore him apart. Brutal. Then all the Megatron teases are fun, like Prime using his arm, and then the final page is a tease of Megatron’s body (sans head, maybe?) in the ice somewhere. So a lot is still being set up. But mostly I enjoy the artwork, for sure, and the character beats and the storytelling. None of the Transformers being used are ones I particularly care about, so that spark isn’t there for me (pun intended). But it’s a solid Transformers comic so far, I’d say.

  • 73

    Major Spoilers

    Sensational She-Hulk #4 keeps several plots simmering, Bronze Age style, pulling everything together into a nice slice-of-life comic that doesn’t even have an antagonist until the very end, but still has conflict, excitement, and real stakes. It’s worth it just to hear Patsy explain how Carol “doesn’t appreciate her energy”.

  • 70

    First Comics News

  • 51


    Jennifer Walters is having a rough week while being She-Hulk. She is also still having communications issue with her significant other Jonathan Hart alias Jack Of Hearts. Perhaps a night out with Patsy Walker alias Hellcat can help? Yet, can they have fun without trouble cropping up?

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