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The Sensational She-Hulk #3

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Based on 5 critic ratings.

SHE-HULK & HULK face off against one of She-Hulk’s most dangerous villains!

But is Hulk’s scary new incarnation the best teammate to have?

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24 pages
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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    The Sensational She-Hulk continues to be effortlessly, seamlessly good, crafting new drama for Jen Walters in a hilarious and heartfelt fashion. Rainbow Rowell’s script balances an ever-growing number of plotlines and characters in good fashion, while allowing for some moments of real levity. Andres Genolet’s art is as great as ever, especially where facial expressions and sartorial flair is concerned. All in all, this new era of Sensational She-Hulk is continuing to live up to its name.

  • 90

    Comic Book Revolution

    The Sensational She-Hulk #3 does a phenomenal job establishing multiple major storylines for the long-term future of this series. We get some incredible character work for She-Hulk and Hulk. It all comes together to make Sensational She-Hulk one of the must-have comic books Marvel is publishing right now.

  • 80


    There’s so much to like in Sensational She-Hulk, but the story continues to move too slowly. After a stellar first issue, issues #2 and #3 slow things way down for just one action scene, which makes you want so much more out of the book. It’s clear these creators are working magic, but if they could speed things up a bit, this could be as iconic as She-Hulk runs come.

  • 79

    Comic Watch

    Rainbows She-Hulk run has had a lot going for it, albeit a tad bit slow in some regards. Theres action, like the fight between Hulk, She-Hulk, and Anathema, but the fight feels non-essential to the plot, and thats one of the biggest complaints Ive had with the book thus far. Fortunately were getting a truly fun book thats not out here trying to change the medium, its just here to be fun. And for that I thank the creative team.

  • 60


    Solid, largely enjoyable issue with a nice Hulk cameo, but there’s just something I can’t put my finger on in which it’s not totally connecting with me.

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