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The Scorched #3

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The Scorched team is still on the ground in Russia, but now they are the hunted…

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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Get Your Comic On

    The Scorched has only intensified my Spawn fandom. The series is a perfect fir for the Spawn universe. I’m hoping that the big streaming services may pick it up as it would be incredible to see this on screen.

  • 80

    DC Comics News

    This issue rights the ship in a lot of ways. The roles are being settled and the cast is becoming richer. We are only beginning with The Scorched and I cannot wait to see all of the ingredients work!

  • 70

    The Hellspawn team-up book continues to lack focus, but when your entire population are characters that are largely indistinguishable from one another that’s nearly to be expected. Writer Sean Lewis does good work with the plotting despite the characters feeling like a chorus of clones, and this issue especially pulls back on the most irritating trope of Spawn comics, the over-explanatory text boxes. Artist Stephen Segovia does good work, especially in the splash pages and action sequences. There’s still room for improvement in The Scorched but it seems like it could become a dynamic read with more practice.

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