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The Scorched #17

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Just when the team thinks they have everything under control, a new threat rears its head, and a surprise from the past shows up to wreak even more havoc!

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    Get Your Comic On

    In this issue we catch up with the Scorched as they confront the colossal Monolith as the mountain Hellspawn appears he brings news of impending doom, the Scorched have spent so long battling alongside Spawn to protect the Deadzones that they have taken their eyes off other threats coming from the blindside. Things are beginning to happen on Earth and it’s no coincidence, the Earth has been marked and total annihilation is on the way the Scorched are strong enough as a unit to protect Earth, but are they too late?

    This on going story keeps getting better, Sean Lewis has ensured that the story carries on with it’s intense pace, taking it off in different directions but at the same time keeping the original feel of the Spawn universe. It’s a testament to Sean’s writing skill that a series 17 issues in still feels fresh and exciting.

    Stephen Segovia would have to be one of my favourite illustrators in comics at the moment, the illustrations from this book are incredible with it’s detail with each panel taking you deeper on this wild journey, it definitely feels and looks like a a Spawn book but at the same time being uniquely vibrant.

    A story that increases with intense energy with every passing issue, the creative team behind this have created a monster the battle of heaven and hell has been one of the most ferocious ever and you get a feeling that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Scorched #17 hits readers hard with memories of the 2003 Columbia disaster, our recent Covid-19 experience and the tribulations prophesied in St. John’s Book Of Revelation. Audacious and energizing, this team book will remind you how Image revolutionized comics in the ’90s.

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