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The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country #5

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Based on 7 critic ratings.

When Madison Flynn first crossed paths with the Corinthian, and saw his true nature, she reacted with astonishment and wonder, not fear.

Across all his lifetimes, she was one of the only living things to ever see him that way.

And now she will learn what a terrible mistake that was.

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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    DC Comics News

    James Tynion and the incredible art team associated with this book have delivered the kind of story that dreams (or nightmares) are made of. This book is fresh, innovative, and intriguing, yet full of love and admiration for the legendary tales that preceded it.

  • 100

    Get Your Comic On

    Terrifyingly dark tale that will grip you until the end, James Tynion IV is at his very best heading a creative masterpiece that will blow you away.

  • 95

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: James Tynion IV does a great job of expanding the universe of the Sandman and crafting a mystery that is both compelling and engaging to the reader. The inclusion of Dream was handled well and the story has both great tension and dialogue throughout.

    The Art: Estherren delivers some great visuals throughout the issue. I think the style of the art works really well with the tone and pacing of the story.

  • 95

    Geek Dad

    Depicting the Dreaming is always a tricky thing. How do you turn the living manifestations of concepts like dreaming into fully fleshed out characters while not losing track of how insanely powerful they are? An Aaron Campbell flashback segment shows us Morpheus in his full majestic, terrifying glory, but Daniel is a very different type of Dream. He’s quirky and seems almost scattered at times, which makes when he does display his powers all the more compelling. He resolves the standoff quickly, and then is left with the impossible task of how to handle the strange bond between Corinthian and Madison—who may not be as gone as she appeared to be. We’re set up for a fascinating new status quo by the last act, but nothing prepared me for the last page, as we get the return of a truly unexpected character who might raise the stakes in a massive way. Masterful stuff as always.

  • 85


    Nightmare Country’s fifth issue might be the issue longtime Sandman readers wanted; it manages to be that without losing sight of itself.

  • 80

    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

  • 70

    Nightmare Country has reached the point where it has to start moving its narrative machinery more obviously. Thus, we get our first visit from Dream himself, a revelation about who may be behind events thus far, and a new mission statement. It’s a pivot point, and an interesting one, but one that betrays the subtler storytelling of the previous issues. However, the reveal of the angel’s identity near the end of the issue was not what I was expecting and it’s hard to know what to expect from that particular turn. It all still looks beautiful, so I’m on board to find out.

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