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The Sandman: The Dream Hunters #2 (of 4)

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In the timeless realm of Japanese myth, the King of Dreams has told the fox how to save the life of the human she loves. To protect him, she has to die in his place.

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    Chuck's Comic Of The Day

    This book is that rare balance between outstanding writing and excellent artwork. I’ve long been a fan of Russell’s art, and I don’t know that he’s ever done better work. Each page is a work of art alone, and together they tell a fascinating tale.

    This book serves as a strong reminder of the power of the original Sandman comics by Gaiman, and how much they’re missed.
    At any rate, don’t make the same mistake I did when the title first began. Pick up The Sandman: The Dream Hunters while you can.

  • 84


    Only in a few cases where Russell ditches the narration and dialogue do his pages truly stand out. Russell is an incredible artist – one who never seems to waste a single line in his drawings. He’s able to wrestle an incredible amount of emotion and power in his characters. These sequences need no dialogue because the art speaks for itself. I believe Russell could have pushed these segments further. Perhaps The Dream Hunters can’t work as a completely silent comic, but I would have liked to see Russell conjure up text only when absolutely necessary. It’s rare that he actually needs it.

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