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The Penguin #8

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Based on 6 critic ratings.

The Penguin gathered his muscle, his advisor, and his insider… now it’s time to reclaim his throne in Gotham City!

Phase One – a family reunion!

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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Dark Knight News

    I would honestly be okay if DC just gave King the helm to all of Batman’s Rogues’ Gallery and let him create stories like this for other villains that may be seen as a joke. A Mr Freeze series, or heck, even a Riddler run would be so cool to read! King and the team are putting out stellar comics each time, and every time I think the next chapter can’t get any better… it does!

  • 95

    Geek Dad

    One of the running themes through Penguin appearances ever since Jason Aaron had his brief say on the character has been how Cobblepot manages to create such fear—through having hands in every part of Gotham, and a willingness to pull those strings in the service of punishment. That creates some darkly funny scenes, as people who have minor interactions with him are immediately scared for their lives. But other people in the city aren’t scared of him at all—from Batman, who wants to remind him of their previous arrangement, to Riddler, who has an old score to settle. And then, of course, there’s his daughter—who has taken control of the empire and has no intention of giving it back. The last few scenes of the issue are twisted and inscrutable, hinting at a very strange relationship between these two, and I am already wildly excited to see how this new rivalry plays out.

  • 88

    Comic Watch

    As subverted caper stories go, The Penguin continues to be the best one on the shelf. King’s ability to tweak structure with any given issue keeps the series fresh. Visually the series remains complex even when it seems simple. So it’s not surprising that The Penguin #8’s day in the life story is both unconventional and exemplary.

  • 85


    With effective pacing and reliably sound artwork, “Penguin” is taking narrative flight at exactly the right time, and this issue is a gripping kickstart to great things to come.

  • 78

    The Batman Universe

    The Penguin #8 brings Oswald Cobblepot back to Gotham City, and it’s a gorgeous, violent, and fun issue.

  • 70

    The Penguin #8 sets itself between two stories with the bullk of the issue recounting various parties welcoming Oswald back to Gotham and bookended by two flash forwards to a new central setting. The first part functions well enough with each encounter buttresed by an internal monologue that is varyingly effective and always distracting from the action on the page. They mostly serve to prove Penguin is every bit as ruthless and efficient as he’s previously been shown to be across the past 7 issues, but are stylish in the doing. It’s the bookends and penultimate sequence that pull the issue together and create an outstanding sense of tension for the progressing story. Not only does it serve to clarify who the primary actors are in the coming narrative, but it does so in a fashion where each revelation about what’s still to come heightens the intrigue.

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About the Author: Tom King

Tom King has emerged as a beacon of narrative brilliance in the comic book world, weaving tales that resonate deeply with both long-time enthusiasts and newcomers alike. With a unique blend of emotional depth and complex storytelling, King’s work has redefined what it means to engage with the medium of comics. From his groundbreaking run on “Batman” to the introspective “Mister Miracle,” King’s portfolio is a testament to his ability to explore the human condition through the lens of the superhero genre.

Before becoming a household name in comics, Tom King embarked on a path far removed from the world of capes and villains. As a former CIA officer, King’s experiences have infused his storytelling with a palpable sense of realism and gravity, setting his work apart in a crowded field. His transition from espionage to comics might seem unexpected, but it’s this very background that enriches his narrative voice, allowing him to craft stories of heroism and sacrifice with authenticity.

King’s ascent in the comic book industry began with “The Vision,” a series that turned the Marvel android into a tragic figure struggling with the concept of family and humanity. This work, characterized by its melancholic exploration of identity, laid the foundation for King’s reputation as a storyteller capable of blending superhero action with deep, literary themes. His ability to humanize iconic characters, making their struggles and triumphs resonate on a personal level, has earned him critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase.

However, it is perhaps his work on DC Comics’ “Batman” that has most profoundly impacted the comic book landscape. King’s Batman is a figure shaped by vulnerability and introspection, a departure from the invincible hero trope. Through arcs like “City of Bane” and the poignant “Batman Annual #2,” King explores themes of love, loss, and redemption, offering a fresh perspective on the Dark Knight’s mythos.

In addition to his superhero narratives, Tom King has ventured into the realm of creator-owned projects, such as “Strange Adventures” and “Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow.” These works further showcase his versatility, delving into science fiction and cosmic drama while maintaining his signature emotional depth and complex character studies.

Beyond the pages of his comics, King’s presence in the industry as a thought leader and advocate for the medium is undeniable. His candid discussions about the challenges of mental health, the creative process, and the importance of storytelling in contemporary culture have made him a respected figure among peers and fans.

Tom King‘s contributions to the comic book world have not gone unnoticed, earning him multiple Eisner Awards and solidifying his status as one of the most influential writers of his generation. As he continues to push the boundaries of comic book storytelling, King’s legacy is that of a visionary who reminds us that at the heart of every superhero story lies a deeply human tale waiting to be told.

For those who seek to explore the depths of narrative artistry within the comic book genre, Tom King‘s body of work offers a rich, introspective journey into the soul of modern heroism, proving that within the fantastical, the most profound truths of our existence can be found.

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