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The Nice House on the Lake #7 (of 12)

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One of the most critically acclaimed and bestselling horror titles of 2021 returns for its shocking second act-and now is the perfect time to enter the house! The 10 hardy survivors gathered in the house by their mutual friend Walter thought they’d finally cracked the code on his plans…and now everything they thought they knew has literally changed. Can they free themselves from their patterns? Or are they all just determined to build a prison of their very own? Grab the first collected volume and get caught up on the most surprising series in comics!

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    This really needed a couple of pages of “previously on Blossom…” style pages to fill in the gaps since issue #6. It was hard enough to keep up with the various protagonists (who change every issue) as well as the dense and labyrinthine twists and shocks that the story has already provided. It is not the issue pick up randomly but if you're brave pick up the collected version of issues 1#6 or beg your LCBS to find the back issues. It's still a great story that leaves a stress headache after you read but that's what a great book does, challenge the reader and keep them focussed!
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    Graphic Policy

    The Nice House on the Lake #7 is further confirmation we're seeing the makings of a classic horror comic as it develops. What's surprising is how much of the story is still in the process of revealing itself. Less meticulous creators would've probably given most or the entire mystery away by now. Tynion and Martnez Bueno are still in the secret keeping business and it's making the looming finale feel like a massive event ready to change the very definition of horror.
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    Geek Dad

    A lot has changed since The Nice House on the Lake went on an extended hiatus... including the writer leaving DC for Substack. But it's no surprise that DC couldn't wait to have it back, as it continues to be the best horror story to hit comics in years.
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    DC Comics News

    The Nice House On The Lake is pure, deep, psychological horror at its absolute finest.
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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: This entire issue is profoundly scary on many levels. The moments of isolation are disturbing. Walter’s manipulation of his friends was bad enough, but altering their behaviors on the fly is a scary prospect that James Tynion IV brings out brilliantly in ways that disturb and challenge the reader. The story is dark, intriguing and compelling. I continue to be immersed in the world of this story and the people that inhabit it. The Art: Alvaro Martinez Bueno delivers some beautiful imagery throughout the issue. The story has some dark and disturbing elements to it and the art does a brilliant job of bringing that darkness to vivid life on the page.
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    While I may have felt the previous issue would have been better suited as the return from Tynion’s hiatus, I must fully admit I was dead wrong. It set up what is going to be a wild second arc to an already wild story. Where The Nice House on The Lake goes from here is still anybody’s guess, but man, is the ride going to be fun.
  • 90

    The Nice House On the Lake returns this week and it's a very welcome second act given the massive twists delivered by the end of issue #6. This return walks readers through the house's new arrangements, specifically Walter's addition to the party and Norah's absence. The house itself runs on familiar concepts, but they are expanded in interesting, new directions. It reads much like a new season of Lost – unpacking an upheaval within a consistent framework. The mystery that underlies all of this, including small shifts in style and devilish depictions of Walter that never allow readers to forget the terrifying powers behind this scenario, still begs to be solved and it's clear that each new detail is important. However, it's Norah's narrative embedded within the household's routines and efforts that delivers the most impactful pages of this issue. The lettering in her space alone provides a clear sense of what she's experienced in the interim and frames her struggle within both plot and themes of identity. It's a significant change that is already paying off as readers prepare for the back half of one of the best Black Label series published so far.
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    Smoke screening the reader with a peaceful, communal life with our survivors, Nice House #7 inserts a horror at the heart of identity and exploits a common fear within it.

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