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The Magic Order 4 #5 (of 6)

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Madame Albany is back and determined to not only destroy The Magic Order, but reality itself. She’s taken down the entire Moonstone family and destroyed Moonstone Castle. Now nothing can possibly stand in her way.

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    As we approach the final furlough, The Magic Order 4 #5 doesn’t just deal with the family fallout. No, there is, of course, the little matter of a seemingly very well executed coup to drop in on too. Millar has always been one for raising the tension with the aid of villains he has created, like Albany, that are some of the most destructive and dangerous around. And, she has cooly heated up this series since her re-emergence. A character with no morals but with immense power. Something of a fondness for Millar – whether that be the power of magic or money – void of any corporate censorship, Millar’s villains are often far more vicious, so you just don’t know what will happen in the ultimate showdown next issue.

    Tonally, Giovanna Niro’s colours help create and sustain a darker atmosphere across most of the issue. A foreshadowing of a dark finale, perhaps? After all, Millar will often pepper his conclusions with tragedy. And, this is a series that will tie-in with the Big Game Millarworld crossover. So, anything can happen. Especially as Cordelia has a good change of fortune in this issue.

    Stunning art and a narrative that’s use of violence and language reflects its contemporary context, but with a battle scene harkening back to stories of the past too.

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    Comic Watch

    Millar and the art team push the accelerator flat this issue and that means we are gifted with a comic that has everything a adult magic centered story should have. Incredible visuals bring to life wild magic spells and insane magical creatures, violent endings, dramatic reveals and a storyline that moves forward at a superb pace. Perfect comics plain and simple.

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    Un Cómic Más

    This penultimate chapter of this volume raises the expectations and tension level for a powerful closure where The Magic Order must return to stop Albany’s plan.

    Dike Ruan presents incredibly detailed sequences and daring angles, highlighting the raw emotions of terror, fear, pain and satisfaction with facial expressions.

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