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The Magic Order 4 #4 (of 6)

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Cordelia Moonstone is trapped in another dimension, where she must face the greatest enemy she’s met so far: her long-lost brother. He was given up by their parents many years ago, and now he’s itching to exact his revenge on the child they favored.

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    Lyles Movie Files

    Writer Mark Millar has a way of making the odds against the Order look hopeless before some masterful Hail Mary turns the tide. The true art of a magician is to pull off a seemingly impossible sleight of hand to amaze the audience. Millar must have an extra long sleeve to pull if he’s able to pull Cordelia out of this mess. That’s part of the fun with Magic Order — seeing how Millar can weave a satisfying ending to each volume that doesn’t feel cheap. This will be his masterpiece if he pulls this off.

    Dike Ruan’s art has been smooth throughout. His style is reminiscent of Dan Mora with a harder lean into the horror and gore elements that make Magic Order such a shocking and brutal read.

    It seems like Ruan’s work gets a little sharper each issue as his familiarity with the lack of rules or restraint for the title become more apparent.

    Colorist Giovanna Niro does some creative work showing the contrast of the Magic Order members who joined up with Madame Albany enjoying the good life complete with warm, golden hues contrasting with the cold, blues of Koluth.

    This volume has been one extended beat down of the good guys and with their numbers rapidly dwindling it’s time for Millar to reveal his big trick to bring some order back to The Magic Order.

  • 90


    he pacing and plotting by Mark Millar are all great, helping build towards a climax, but in putting that off until next issue, I felt cheated. But, that’s all part of great storytelling; keep ‘em on the edge of their seats and wanting more. So now, having built up my expectations, I now find myself having to wait another month for some form of closure. And I’ve never been one for delayed gratification. (…) As this title has developed over four miniseries, The Magic Order has expanded beyond the Moonstone family and given loyal readers not one but two fantastical worlds of interest to explore. Whatever the outcome to this latest Moonstone melodrama, the magical universe Millar and his colleagues are building is ripe for many more stories to come.

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