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The Magic Order 4 #3 (of 6)

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Cordelia and Francis are trapped in a magical dimension a billion realities from Earth, where they learn the true origin of dear old Uncle Edgar. Meanwhile, renegade wizards reign supreme as they raise havoc back on Earth.

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    Lyles Movie Files

    In this issue, writer Mark Millar starts to connect some major dots as well as explain the origin of one of the longstanding characters. Millar tends to be at his best when he’s explaining the lore of his stories.

    This issue details the backstory of King Edgar and the magical land of Kolthur. It’s a fascinating and tragic story and one that helps Cordelia Moonstone and Francis King know exactly the threat they now face in Kolthur. And that’s before they return to deal with Madame Albany and her corrupted Magic Order.

    Dike Ruan’s artwork continues to be outstanding with some stellar depictions of the characters both in showcasing their abilities and living their normal, regular lives. Colorist Giovanna Niro uses blood red hues for the scenes in Kolthur and hazy greens for the flashbacks.

    The Magic Order never disappoints and this issue sets the stage for some big confrontations and epic moments to come.

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    With Albany’s infiltration of the Magic Order all but complete, ‘The Magic Order 4’ #3 decides to hit pause and offer up the origin story of old man Edgar. And, what a story it is. A Greek Tragedy for the modern age sprawling across two very different worlds.

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    Un Cómic Más

    This installment has an addictive subplot that grabs you from the first page.

    Dike Ruan achieves sequences full of fantasy, horror and magic, with many great textures and details that take slight inspirations from the manga but adapt them to the comics.

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    Comic Watch

    This is a dark, unhappy but compelling installment in the series so far. It’s a bleak but involving look at the character of Edgar Seemus balanced against the otherworldly fantasy world Cordelia and Francis King find themselves in. Millar cleverly uses the issue to stitch a near complete view of past events involving Edgar while keeping the central narrative moving forward and playing with concepts introduced before. Every visual aspect of the story is pulled off with masterful aplomb and this series remains one of the most visually stunning series currently running.

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