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The Magic Order 3 #6

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It’s the stunning conclusion to the third volume of Netflix’s next big thing, as Leonard and Salome meet their destiny and everything falls apart for Cordelia like never before. This issue should come with a health warning: faint-hearted readers beware.

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    ‘The Magic Order 3’ #6 delivers one last sleight of hand that readers should not be able to see coming, and as a result delivers a series finale that shocks and surprises. And, like all good magicians, the truth was in front of all our eyes from the very start of this engaging and entertaining issue. Now that’s magic, from Mark Millar and Gigi Cavenago.

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    Comic Watch

    The final issue of this series isn’t here to tuck you comfortably into bed and end things neatly. No, Millar and co drop a bombshell of a final issue that digs a deep deep deep hole for the order and specifically the Moonstone family themselves with horrific revelations that set up the next series. The fact that the art is absolutely flawless in its execution makes the gut punches the script delivers hit home that much harder. a superb way to finish and set up the next series.

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    Lyles Movie Files

    It’s not a matter of if Millar can pull this trick off. The Magic Order has always been about narrative sleight of hand to lure readers into thinking the story is going to play out in one direction before he takes them down another, more satisfying path. There’s clearly plenty of magic left in this series.

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