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The Jurassic League #4 (of 6)

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The trinity of Batsaur, Wonderdon, and Supersaur welcomes a few new monstrous members in the form of Aquanyx, Flashraptor, and Green Torch! But can even a fully staffed Jurassic League stand a chance against Darkseid and his army of corrupted carnivores?

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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Superman Homepage

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    First Comics News

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    Geek Dad

    This is a very ambitious comic, and one that doesn’t always hit the landing but delivers some incredibly fun adventures.

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    The central threat of The Jurassic League is revealed in issue #4 as the miniseries resolves its many disparate battles and characters – removing many minor antagonists and drawing its heroes together. It’s easy to predict what’s inside the dark egg, if it weren’t already, based on a familiar visual trope, but the build across the issue and final revelation of the creature in an enormous spread proves very satisfying. Each encounter and battle is filled with the energetic compositions that made this series a must-read for fans of action-oriented comics art, with both Gedeon and Mikel splitting artistic duties in a fashion that resolves many of the weaker elements found in issue #3. What’s also enticing is the blunt approach to characterization with each dinosaur superhero boiled down to the essential elements of their analog. Batman’s quest to seek revenge, Wonder Woman’s to bring peace to a troubled world, and Superman’s to improve the planet are all obvious driving forces and easily perceived, which empowers their dynamic designs. The same goes for Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman, who all provide admirable performances as bros. The Jurassic League #4 reasserts the series’ stylistic excellence and promises readers a climax that should not be missed.

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    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    The Jurassic League #4 is exciting in that it is leading towards the thrilling conclusion and it reveals the big bad, but it doesn’t really offer too much action like in previous issues. It definitely will leave readers wondering how the League’s confrontation with the big bad will go, especially since this is more of an Elseworlds tale, so it may be somewhat different from what we’re used to.

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    Ultimately, Jurassic League manages to keep giving readers a satisfying tongue-and-cheek adventure. Little hints of blood or violence mesh seamlessly with the humorous world. The delightful artwork blooms from page to page. The charm does slightly wear off at times as more complex plots begin to form. Even as the honeymoon concludes, the book still finds sure footing by grounding the characters with moral disagreements. As far as I’m concerned, there is still fun to be had in the Dino World.

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    Weird Science DC Comics

    Jurassic League #4 is fine for what it is. The art seems to have dropped to more cartoonish levels, but the characters’ voices are correct, and the story is a solid version of a Justice League origin story.

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    My favorite dinosaur is the Ankylosaurus. Darkseid as an Ankylosaurus? Heck yeah! But anyway, the artwork in this issue is back to mostly normal, and that makes for another solid issue. I don’t know why this series needed multiple artists though. They couldn’t delay the issues to let Gedeon, the writer, draw every issue? I think that would have been best. But at least Mikel does a much better job of matching Gedeon’s style, making for a stronger issue throughout this time around. And the artwork really is making and breaking this series. When the art is this strong and this clear, the issue soars.

    The story remains pretty basic, but at least this issue introduced some neat new complications. I liked the idea of Darkyloseid eating his henchmen. That was kinda funny. And the slowly growing Jurassic League is pretty compelling, even if it’s nothing revolutionary. At least the dinosaur designs, when drawn well, remain a really, really fun gimmick.

    Good art makes this issue, buoying the basic story with some really nifty visuals that easily live up to the ferocious premise.

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