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The Jurassic League #2 (of 6)

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Bizzarosaur has invaded Supersaur’s home village, and now the super-powered sauropod must defend his home and the humans who have raised him since his arrival on Earth. But will he be strong enough to defeat this strange foe, or will he need the help of Wonderdon and Batsaur, who are both converging on his location? A whole new Trinity assembles for the first time in this adventure that will need to be seen to be believed!

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12 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Fortress of Solitude

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    Superman Homepage

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    First Comics News

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    Geek Dad

    The fact is, this could have easily been a one-joke concept designed to sell toys, much like some of the recent mech-suit comics from the competition. But with Johnson involved, it's anything but that. It genuinely works as a Justice League story and gives these dinosaur heroes character traits that make them feel familiar but new. It reminds me of some of those great Elseworlds from the 1990s, blown up to epic size.
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    I was a little worried that the second issue of Jurassic League wouldn't be able to carry the momentum of the absolutely stellar first issue. I'm so incredibly happy to say that that fear was completely put to bed. Go buy this.
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    On its surface, Jurassic League could have been a fun adventure that simply imagined the Justice League as dinosaurs and then called it a day, but what Gedeon and Warren Johnson are able to do instead is create a charming world that is fit to bursting with big moments that play on the strengths of this prehistoric setting. The art itself here is simply stunning, with Warren Johnson clearly loving the material that he is working with, creating amazing versions of the heroes and villains of the DC Universe as dinosaurs, while Gedeon creates a story of this ragtag team that is attempting to protect the world of man. This second issue continues the strength of the series' first and while this issue might only be six issues, I'm certainly left crossing my fingers that we'll see more of these prehistoric superheroes in the future from this creative team
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    The Jurassic League is a perfect example of how concept and art can drive a comic. The story isn’t anything special. It’s the Trinity vs. the Legion of Doom, essentially. But the idea of all of them being humanoid dinosaurs, fighting in a prehistoric world over some cavemen, is so much fun. And the artwork by Juan Gedeon is knocking the concept out of the park! Along with co-writer Johnson, those two are pushing everything to the max and it’s a ton of fun! Spicer’s bright, beautiful colors are an additional delight. And Delgado on lettering is killing it with all the different character balloons. The entire creative team is going all-out on this silly concept and they’re making it look easy. The character designs are especially fun. It’s a neat mixture. There are characters like Batsaur, who is wearing a costume. And then Supersaur is his costume. I like that mix of things. And I like the added drama of the humans, whether its the ones Supersaur wants to save, or it’s Batsaur’s little sidekick. I sure hope that little dude gets a Robin costume before too long. The entire creative team has come together to fully embrace and explore this silly concept, making it an experience in pure comic book fun.
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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    The Jurassic League #2 finally shows the heroes starting to team up and sets the stage for what's to come next. Jokerzard mentions a character named the Dark Embryo, who is most like the Jurassic version of Darkseid. It will be cool to see the big three heroes team up next issue to fight their enemies, and perhaps more will be included as well. What other DC characters should be "dino-fied?
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    The Fandom Post

    There are a lot of things going on in this book and almost too many things in some ways. I'm not saying the book should be simpler, but the book should be simpler. It's fun and silly but aiming just a touch too high for what it should be. Finding that middle ground between being made mostly for adults and just for kids isn't easy, but this leans much more toward the adults when it could have been a lot more mainstream mass media. It's a ton of fun and I'm enjoying it immensely but if it proves successful I hope there is a more kids-oriented version that gets done which embraces the silliness itself more than the violence. I really liked seeing how Supersaur struggles with stuff here, the bonds that Batsaur is starting to create, and getting the teases with the Dark Embryo and what's to come from there. It's playing in familiar areas and doing it creatively with fantastic artwork that sells it really well.
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    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

  • 65


    Once you admit The Jurassic League is about fun and in-your-face action with a simple plot you should be right as rain. The characters are mostly surface level, which does amount to a simpler reading experience. But hell, it's the Justice League as dinosaurs, not Shakespeare.
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    Weird Science DC Comics

    The Jurassic League #2 continues the trend from the last issue by presenting a basic, formulaic World's Finest comic with the characters reskinned in dinosaur form. So far, it's all about the novelty of dinosaur designs, and that novelty has almost entirely worn off.

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