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The Joker #11

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The Joker is about to learn the harsh reality of the motto “Don’t Mess with Texas” as the Sampsons bring him back home to their ranch…for dinner! PUNCHLINE BACKUP: While Harper Row has been making sure that Punchline stays behind bars, her brother, Cullen, has been getting closer to Punchline’s fans. His new boyfriend, Bluff, is hiding a wicked secret that promises to change the shape of organized crime in Gotham, and Punchline’s role, for years to come.

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  • 95

    Lyles Movie Files

    James Tynion IV sets the stage for the big confrontation with Gordon, Joker and The Sampson family. After a few interlude issues it was nice to get back into the thick of this crime thriller told from James Gordon’s perspective.

    Through flashbacks, Tynion explains how the Sampson family got connected with the upper elite. One of the under appreciated aspects of The Joker is that Gordon isn’t a master detective. He’s not cracking mysteries with the most random clues. He’s just an ex-commissioner relying on his instincts.

    As usual for the series, Tynion limits the Joker’s role, which helps to maintain the feeling he’s always out of Gordon’s reach.

    Guiseppe Camuncoli handles the art issue. Camuncoli has a tremendously dramatic style that works well for this title though the consistency varies based on the three inkers — Cam Smith, Lorenzo Ruggiero and Adriano Di Benedetto.

    With this issue, Tynion returns The Joker back to its mystery noir roots. The action takes a necessary backseat for the book to settle back into its ideal sweet spot.

  • 92

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    There is a lot to digest in this week’s THE JOKER #11 that Tynion has been setting up well for quite some time. And quietly, this series has remained consistent, interesting, and clever while creating an element of fear that’s simply unsettling. THE JOKER may not take center stage but this series by Tynion is so much more and needs to be on everyone’s pull list.

    Jim Gordon needed a series like this to help progress his character forward who’s been hibernating in recent years. Plus, for those who imagine THE JOKER as human evil at its core, look to this series and uncover something that seems to be far worse. If you haven’t been following along to this point, I highly recommend picking up past trades and getting caught up now.

  • 91

    Comic Watch

    A strong, if transitional, chapter of the lead Joker story moves the plot along while taking the time to explore some of the most intriguing additions to the cast that is, intriguing if youre interested in schlock horror fun, which I absolutely am. And in Punchline, subplots I hadnt previously been very invested in are beginning to pop and grab attention, making this my favorite chapter to date.

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    With the Court of Owls and Vengeance lurking in the background, the final three issues should be tense and bloody. But none of this would work half as well if it didn’t have Jim Gordon as its lead, bringing decades of weary awareness of just how deadly Joker is. He’s one of the Bat-family’s best supporting characters and it’s great to see him finally get his spotlight.

    The Punchline backup this month is mostly dedicated to the introduction of the Royal Flush Gang, now a more complex band of four rival families—and completely disconnected from the recent Bendis reintroduction. As Cullen wonders whether he can be involved with his new boyfriend given these reveals, Harper and Leslie battle to get Kelly on the stand for her testimony against Punchline. As the prosecutors doubt Kelly’s credibility and the traumatized witness struggles to maintain her sanity, we build to a creepy last-page reveal that sets the last three chapters up for a hell of a climax.

  • 90

    DC Comics News

    The Sampsons… literally and figuratively, they eat their own! This is arguably the best issue to buy as of late as the story really delves into Gordon’s motivations and finally we get to see The Joker in a position where he is not in charge! I love it!

  • 89

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Tynion crafts an interesting new chapter in this ongoing series. Any time Barbara Gordon gets involved in a series, I perk up. Her natural abilities and strength of character takes story content to a new level. And while this is ultimately James’s story, I’m excited to see what Barbara and her friends will bring to the table.

    The B story is really heating up. I like the family dynamic that is being displayed in this issue. And I am interested in the tenuous nature of Punchline’s role in the Royal Flush Gang. I’m interested in seeing how this part of the plotline will play out.

    The Art: The illustrations in each story compliment their respective tones. There is a dark and gritty quality to the A story that enhances the detective quality of the piece. While the B story uses modern drawings and colorful artwork to present the youthful world encompassing the characters.

  • 80

    Comics Nexus by Inside Pulse

  • 70

    The Batman Universe

    After a two-month break from the main storyline, The Joker #11 dismisses the cliffhanger featured in The Joker #9 with a bit of off-panel deus ex machina. While disappointing, Jim Gordon’s wonderful characterization makes up for this misstep.

  • 65

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Jim Gordon’s back on the hunt for the Joker and while that’s what I want to see, this start and stop situation that we keep getting with this book makes things feel completely padded out so that the story can be extended as much as possible and that’s really disappointing and just leaves what feels like every other issue coming up short in its progression. The art is still enjoyable though and there are some new elements but even these feel kind of weird.

  • 60

    There’s a lot of moving pieces that make up the latest exploits of the Clown Prince of Crime, and some are much better than others. The idea of a wealthy, nefarious family that has an origin similar to that of the Sawyers from Texas Chainsaw Massacre is great on paper, but this issue spends a tad too much time focused on both their origins as well as Gordon licking his wounds following the latest arcs events. The series itself is still one of the strongest titles in DC’s roster but this definitely feels like one of the weaker issues of the series so far.

  • 50


    While I’m glad to see the series returning to the plot, I’m disappointed by how much the momentum has suffered and the fact that this issue really only moves things forward marginally. It feels less like a confident step forward and more like the pieces are being set back up after falling. Elements that could have been played up for tension are misused or totally shoved to the side as well. Still, there’s something about this series that keeps my interest despite the shortcomings, and I am curious to see how everything plays out going forward.

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