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The Immortal Thor #1

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In Norse myths, they called him Thunderer. Vuer has he been called, and Hloriddi. The Gods know him as Asgard’s King, keeper of Mjolnir, hero of the tales. When injustice grips the Earth and ancient powers bring down the sky, he fights for those who cannot – and when the tale is done, we will know what that cost him.

This is the story of THE IMMORTAL THOR.

PLUS: A bonus page written by Jonathan Hickman – WHO ARE THE G.O.D.S.?

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    But Why Tho?

    The Immortal Thor #1 is a glorious fusion of newness and nostalgia. This is an entirely fresh story, with characters setting out on journeys with roles they’ve never had before. Ewing is introducing something that could dwarf the Asgardian Gods. It’s a bumper issue filled with so much storytelling and adventure. But there are also so many moments where the issue felt like a classic Thor comic, returning the Thunder God and his home to a real status. The art captures all of that as well, carrying reflections of homage but also presenting something unique. The whole issue is a curious blend of influences and ingenuity.

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    Al Ewing begins his next “Immortal” run by teaming with Martín Cóccolo and Matthew Wilson on Immortal Thor. As the title suggests, Immortal Thor proves a conceptual and spiritual successor to Ewing’s acclaimed Immortal Hulk series (with Joe Bennet and others) as it is a follow-up to the recent, partially-aborted Thor series. Despite the return of Thor’s classic Jack Kirby-designed costume, fans of Ewing’s Marvel work know better than to expect a retrograde “back to basics” approach. Instead, this opening chapter offers something more foundational, elemental, and compelling.

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    Un Cómic Más

    Exciting new story arc that takes Marvel deeper into Norse Mythology.

    MartIn Coccolo offers some amazing sequences of detailed art, textures that give it great dynamism, and AWESOME double splash pages.

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    First Comics News

    Fans of Marvel’s esteemed God of Thunder will find many things to love about this new series like the rainbow bridge to Midgard (Earth) repaired, Loki no longer ruling over Jotunheim but most of all: The classic costume officially back! (Can’t get any better than that); Al Ewing (Who continues to be one of the most innovative writers to work for Marvel) manages to put a fresh spin on Thor’s origin and clearly, he’s having a blast in establishing a small “back to basic” approach for the character after years of dark stories. I also enjoy some of the plot elements Ewing unveils such as Thor going to Midgard and partying it up with the local youth under a transgender flag while at the same time, breaking up a hate crime that involves mutants, therefore making it a story of identity that never goes off the rails in its presentation. Even thought Thor comes in contact with Toranos, the Ulgard-Thor (a thunder god from Celtic mythology) this series will succeed in bringing back the fans who loved Thor since the Silver Age and quite possibly, the ones who are already tired of the MCU version. A very compelling read and if I may say so, it’s great to have the beer-swilling, smiling Thor back!

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    The Newest Rant

    “Immortal Thor,” #1 sets up some mysteries with Loki, introduces a new threat for Thor to face, and has some gorgeous splash pages that make something as simple as Thor flying around New York City have a majestic quality. If, “Immortal Hulk,” were at its heart a horror story about the evil humankind is capable of I would say, “Immortal Thor,” is shaping up to be an epic fantasy tale. “Immortal Hulk,” was about the evil deep down within while, “Immortal Thor,” looks to be about the power to do good even if a malevolent obstacle stands in the way. Buckle up, everyone, because Ewing and Cóccolo clearly plan to take us on quite a wild ride. I’m here for it.

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    Impulse Gamer

    Regarding being bold, The Immortal Thor #1 is worth going out or ordering online to read or add to a collection of Thor comics. This new series works for newcomers and older fans alike as it is a way to reintroduce Thor and bring those adventures back into exploring. Thor is just getting started and there is nowhere to tell where he will be met with. The only choice is to pick this one up and prepare for the next issue in the new series. Not the best idea to get left behind, so don’t miss out!

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    Derby Comics

    IMMORTAL THOR #1 is the work of creators at the top of their game. While light on action, the issue pays respect to the decades of Thor mythos that laid the foundation for the characters and worlds we’ll explore and instantly establishes a palpable level of grandeur. We’re only one issue in yet this already has the makings of an instant classic equal to Ewing’s IMMORTAL HULK.

  • 98

    Comic Watch

    Immortal Thor #1 embraces everything that makes Thor great. Brimming with hope and mythic in scope, this series’ storytellers are creating something truly special.

  • 95


    This is the most exciting launch from Marvel in a very long time. Best of all, it delivers. I can’t wait to see more.

  • 92

    Monkeys Fighting Robots

  • 91

    Multiversity Comics

    This is a textbook example of classic superhero comic book storytelling created by a team of consummate professionals with a proper understanding of scale and stakes, but who aren’t afraid to show more quiet and humanizing moments.

  • 90

    Comic Book Revolution

    Al Ewing and Martín Cóccolo get off to a phenomenal start to their run on The Immortal Thor. They build off what has been done before by their predecessors to move Thor and friends into the next stage of their lives. It is all bookended with the epic debut of a big event level threat that is sure to lead us towards a lot of incredible stories. This all makes The Immortal Thor #1 a must-read for superhero fans.

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    Marvel Heroes Library

    New series gets off to an epic start by introducing the gods who would judge Thor. It seems this run will be as apocalyptic as Ewing’s IMMORTAL HULK which also placed the familiar hero against an unfamiliar canvas and started repainting his history. I will admit, I didn’t always follow what was going on in the Hulk series as it grew more philosophical while Hulk still smashed and I’m already nervous about this series. One thing is the same: Ewing still leaves the story title for the last page, usually to underline the point of the tale. So we’ll see have to see where this goes but it’s off to a great start.

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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Ewing crafts a dark and compelling story for Thor in this issue. The plotting behind his back is incredibly interesting and I love that there is a character closely connected to Thor adding to the drama and orchestrating things behind the scenes. I really enjoy the tone of the story and how Thor is moving outside of his recent brooding nature to embrace his role as king. Ewing always crafts engaging stories and this one is no different.

    The Art: Coccolo delivers fantastic art in the issue. I love the classic look of the characters and how that looks helps define the tone and emotion of the story.

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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Immortal Thor #1 from Al Ewing and Martin Cóccolo is an excellent first issue and a great jumping on point for new and longtime Thor fans. The comic starts a brand new journey for the God of Thunder as it eases readers into Thor’s current life as All-Father of Asgard but the familiar Avenger we all know and love. Thor’s heroic characterization is strong in this comic and maintains a presence throughout the comic. Al Ewing & Martin Cóccolo set the stage for a brand new story for Thor as there are familiar friends and allies, Loki being Loki, and new threats emerging to face him. At the end of the day, this is an excellent first issue and a solid Thor comic.

  • 90

    Fortress of Solitude

  • 85

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    The Immortal Thor #1 swings for the fences with an epic tale in tone, scale, and atmosphere to deliver a Thor tale worthy of Asgard. Ewing goes all in by taking the material, and Thor, seriously with a realm-destroying threat, and the art is amazing.

  • 85


    The Immortal Thor #1 will get you excited for what comes next as Thor faces something more powerful than anyone can imagine. Casual fans and classic Thor fanatics will adore the dynamic art and the promise for an exciting new chapter of Thor.

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    Graphic Policy

    Immortal Thor #1 is good overall. It sets things up really well and delivers a threat that feels like it actually might be one. But, some of what’s presented feels like things we’ve seen elsewhere so hopefully things begin to stand on their own even more as the series progresses. But, as a first issue, it delivers more than enough to be excited and return for.

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    Graham Crackers Comics

    Not sure what Marvel was thinking here but the first few pages of this new Thor title are confusing as heck. Multiple mini box logos on the cover? (Although the John Romita tribute was nice.) 2 pages of tribute, followed by a house ad, followed by a one page quote, followed by another house ad, and then the story starts. I honestly thought when I flipped this open that I had scooped up a Marvel Previews ad by mistake. All of which prove very distracting to Al Ewing’s tale of a varient Loki and a varient Thor who are out to shatter the world. And with Martin Coccolo’s grim artwork and Matthew Wilson’s brightest brights and darkest darks, this really is something to look at. And while this is nothing new in a Thor book, the fact that Ewing seems to have dealt out a few of the false starts that have occurred. While still King, this is the Thor we all know and love. And with the Warriors Three (oops sorry!) Warriors Four and the Lady Sif by his side this one may have some traction. Being hopefully optimistic, I give it an 8 out of 10 Grahams.

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