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The Immortal Iron Fist #24

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There have been sixty-six men and women to carry the mantle of the Immortal Iron Fist – sixty-six men and women who have proudly and eagerly stood fast before the unstoppable forces of evil, and valiantly fought them back. Except one. This is the story of Park Li – a pacifist, who sought to pursue wisdom rather than war. But fate would defy him – as K’un-Lun is overwhelmed by a deadly plague, Park Li is the only student ready to become the city’s Immortal Weapon. And war is coming; bloody, brutal war.

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    Swiercynski paints a nice, tight little fable with an amusing protagonist. It’s hard to find fault with any area of Swiercynski’s script. The dialogue is strong and the scope is suitably epic. I will say that the narration lacks a certain playful quality that Matt Fraction’s flashback issues always seemed to carry, but this is really a minor complaint. The presence of Kano on art actually helps channel the Fraction/Brubaker era quite a bit. Kano was a frequent contributor in later issues of their run, so seeing his pencils now is like welcoming an old friend. His style is far more subdued than the almost excessively extreme pencils of Travel Foreman, and he captures the look of this fantastical vision of 10th Century China very well.

    Unfortunately, we have a few more weeks to wait before reading the next “real” chapter of Immortal Iron Fist. That said, there’s no reason to complain when the filler issues are this consistently entertaining.

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