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The Immortal Iron Fist #18

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A mysterious force that has plagued the Immortal Iron Fists for centuries sets its sights on Danny Rand. Can Iron Fist stop the Ch’i-Lin?!

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23 pages
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    I know there’s a faction of Iron Fist readers who abandoned the excellent book once Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction left the fold, but for the second straight month replacement Duane Swiercynski has proven that fans of the title need not worry. Immortal Iron Fist #18 is every bit a respectable successor to the landmark run, if stylistically different in places. (…) Travel Foreman’s art is frustrating at times because for every panel that looks just beautiful, there’s one that looks rushed. The new enemy’s facial gimmick is a misfire, but roughly 75% of the book looks stylish and edgy, in a Leinel-Yu-by-way-of-David Mack kind of way. It works well for the script’s tone and themes, I just wish Foreman would take some time to smooth over the rough spots.

    The dedicated will be happy to know Iron Fist is in eminently capable hands with Duane Swiercynski. If you’ve loved this title all along, there’s no reason to abandon ship.

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