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The Hunger and the Dusk #4

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The human-orc alliance is tested for the first time as an underwhelming harvest causes the orcs to look toward the fertile farmland of humankind.

Will Troth be able to persuade his brethren to stand strong alongside their new allies? Or will the truce break before it really begins?

Whether these warring nations are able to work out their problems or not, one thing remains: the Vangol are more organized than anyone could have imagined… and they are on their way.

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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 95


    Various motivations, secrets, and relationships of this fledgling fantasy world stand revealed in the heavily character-focused ‘The Hunger And The Dusk’ #4. Another stellar issue for this new series showcases what a vision the creative team shares, and ultimately what they can do within this format.

  • 95

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: A consistently complex and incredibly engaging story from Wilson. I continue to be immersed in this world and with these characters and every moment of the story elicits emotion from me as a reader. I love the complicated relationships between many of the characters and marvel at the world being created in this series. As the story grows and evolves, I find myself more engaged in every aspect of it.

    The Art: Wildgoose offers some beautifully detailed and visually impressive art throughout the issue. I love not only the character and creature designs, but also the beautiful landscapes and backgrounds.

  • 90


    Fantasy fans rejoice: The Hunger and the Dusk continues to offer everything you need in a fantasy and then some. Familiar character types abound as a new threat dawns on man and orc, building in a story filled with intriguing characters.

  • 90

    The Hunger and The Dusk #4 slows the series’ pacing down to focus on character dynamics and relationships in a very rewarding issue that still delivers a big twist at the end. However, most of the pages focus on the changes its various characters have already experienced and reflects on that growth when there are no immediate calls to combat. Growing friendships and rewarding romances are filled by characters who are so well realized in both dialogue and expression that they feel human, regardless of their fantasy race. These are balanced by political scheming and creeping shadows of threats that maintain plenty of tension and promise readers long-term rewards in addition to consistently outstanding single issues, like this one. Catching up on The Hunger and The Dusk is the best decision I made this week and issue #4 only confirms that the best is still to come in this outstanding new series from IDW.

  • 90

    Nerd Initiative

    This comic continues to be my favorite comic of the year. I love the twists and turns, while still maintaining the positive relationships of my two new favorite power couples. Nevertheless with the stakes suddenly higher, and the orcs not all on the same page, I wonder if our new human/orc couple will go from a peace treaty relationship with a hopeful future for all, to a Romeo & Juliet tragedy. Or will nature simply decide everyone’s fate first.

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