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The Hunger and the Dusk #3

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While humans and orcs mourn their losses and recover from battles on two fronts, all hope for their life-saving union could be lost after a tragic blunder causes Tara to question her post with the Last Men Standing. And her skills are tested again when a new threat stuns the company. As Tara and Callum ice each other out, things heat up in the snowy north when the war against the Vangol ignites a new spark between newlyweds Troth and Faran!

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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Just one of the prettiest adventure books on the shelf, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. The Hunger and The Dusk could have no dialogue at all and I’d still be interested in every issue. Fortunately, though, it does have some exceptional scripts and characters. Wilson, Wildgoose, and the rest of the team are firing on all cylinders.

  • 100

    Derby Comics

    It isn’t fair how good G. Willow Wilson’s THE HUNGER AND THE DUSK has been. There is so much drama and tension, so many complex characters, and such a rich world building being done it’s practically incompatible that this is a brand new series. Wilson’s story is matched only by the immaculate designs on the page from artist Chris Wildgood and colorist Msassyk. It will be a crime if this doesn’t get turned into a hit TV show. This continues to be one of my top new series of 2023 and if you’re not reading this series, you’re missing out on an epic adventure.

  • 100

    Comic Watch

    The Hunger and the Dusk #3 is yet another inspired issue that enriches the conflict of humans and orcs, as the two groups continue to understand one another. Wilson’s script takes a guiding emotion, grief, and turns it into a multifaceted theme that rearranges the dynamics of characters and cuts to the emotional core of the series.

    Wildgoose’s art builds on that by stripping away the kinetic layouts of the last issue to foreground characters and expression here. Paired with Msassyk’s melancholy palette that teases a bit of hope, the book takes on an aesthetic of compassion and understanding in the face of overwhelming sorrow. This series continues to be one of the most fascinating fantasy series on shelves, living comfortably in and then exceeding the tropes of the genre.

  • 95

    Nerd Initiative

    I can’t recommend this comic enough. In such a short time it made me feel fear, empathy, hope, and it made me smile. With so many stories out there these days, we often think we know where things are headed, and it’s such a breath of fresh air when we’re wrong.

    I look forward to seeing how this plays out, and I hope the characters I have fallen in love with already, make it to the end. However, if my favorite stories have taught me anything, no one is safe. This is a comic you’re definitely going to want to add to your pull list sooner than later!

  • 95


    The Hunger And The Dusk #3 continues to slowly weave the fabric of this immense, personal, and highly emotional fantasy world allowing the reader to really enjoy every beat. Sweeping majestic and deep artwork makes sure that every single bit of the world is felt as one moves through the issue. A series that takes familiar fantasy aspects and breathes entirely new exciting life into them.

  • 94

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Wilson continues to craft a compelling and engaging story in this series. The plot is filled with great action and thrills as well as creating a fantastic world for these characters to inhabit and evolve. I continue to love the contrasting stories and how they work together. The characters continue to engage the reader and I care more and more about the fate of the world and its inhabitants. A consistently great story that has reeled me in.

    The Art: Wildgoose delivers fantastic art throughout the issue. The action is visually thrilling and the character designs are fantastic.

  • 90


    The Hunger and the Dusk continues to be a great fantasy in an industry severely lacking in it. The Hunger and the Dusk is full of sharp, inventive detail with some of the most endearing characters you’ll read in comics.

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