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The Forged #4

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Following the events of Operation: Black Box, Vic and her team of Forged find themselves back on Throneworld and in an environment even more lethal—the realm of Imperial politics, where people will kill to keep their secrets.

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    The Forged continues to be a storytelling marvel as Rucka, Trautmann, and Henderson continue their military space epic. Ultimately spreading itself too thin over the past two issues, The Forged #4 hones in on Vic, finally giving the lead protagonist plenty of time in the spotlight, which gives readers enough time to see what makes the character click. Though this team continues to afford a lot of world-building to back-up prose, the comic itself is still a sci-fi delight.

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    If issue #4 accomplished nothing else, it was to shift what this book was capable of in the eyes of readers. To evolve the book in a way to maintain that buzz and excitement of the first arc while building the look and feel of it in general. It’s a bigger book now, even as some things remain undeveloped for the time being, and one that has real layers. In a big way, that connects it even further to other grand sci-fi franchises, and makes everything feel all the more important. Let’s hope the book can further grow its core world and its characters, as there’s so much here for a title to entertain and re-energize the genre.

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