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The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #3 (of 3)

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Barry has learned to control his powers and is finally starting to feel like the hero he’s always dreamed he could be. But then a showboating new villain going by the name of the Top shows up looking to test his abilities and make some cash selling his weapons after showing how they can take out the Flash! Barry will need to use every skill he’s picked up along the way if he’s going to stop this topsy-turvy terror!

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39 pages
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  • 90

    The little movie tie-in that could. Surprisingly enough, The Fastest Man Alive got substantial better with each issue, leading up until its finale here in #3. Porter allows Barry Allen to find himself throughout this slightly oversized issue. That means that even though another new villain was introduced, the character moments were delicious little treats making for a well-rounded and, dare I say, excellent comic book.

  • 80

    Geek Dad

    The final issue of this prequel to the upcoming movie—which I’m not sure will ever be released in its current form—continues to be an entertaining read only held back by its ties to a continuity that doesn’t fit with anything else. Like the first two issues, it sets up a new villain and the threat escalates from each installment to the next. This issue focuses on Roscoe Dillon, aka The Top. He’s a scientist with control over kinetic energy—and when the business considering investing in him wants a demonstration, he decides to show it by holding Central City hostage. His kinetic powers throw Barry’s speed off-balance and the Flash nearly causes a disaster, ruining his confidence as Top demands the city turn Flash over. There are some really powerful scenes between Barry and his father here, as well as some nice demonstrations of how the city rallies behind their hero, although I don’t think this issue’s villain was quite as compelling as last issue’s monstrous Tarpit.

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