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The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #2 (of 3)

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Barry Allen’s early days as the Flash continue!

Barry struggles to balance his new job as a hero with his internship at the crime lab.

The pressure starts overwhelming him, literally, when the monstrous molten menace called Tarpit appears in Central City looking to put an end to the Scarlet Speedster’s interference in his family’s business!

Barry’s anxiety kick-starts his powers, sending him phasing through objects with explosive results.

Can Barry get a handle on his abilities and stop Tarpit in his tracks, or will he be tarred and feathered out of Central City for good?

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44 pages
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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 85

    Weird Science DC Comics

    The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #2 is an above-average movie tie-in that successfully expands the Flash’s life circumstances and Rogues Gallery for a standard-but-fun Flash adventure.

  • 85

    Geek Dad

    Based around a movie that might never see the light of day due to controversies, this take on the movieverse Flash had a fun first issue. Its second issue dramatically shifts the art style, bringing on horror artist Juan Ferreyra. The first issue pitted Barry against Girder, who was more of a misunderstood and tragic villain. This issue steps up the threat level with Tarpit, a cruel mutated monster who is much more evil and dangerous. At the same time, Barry is struggling to balance his work responsibilities and his efforts to clear his father’s name with his superhero career, and even his powers are starting to slip out of his control. This version of Barry has never really clicked with me, feeling far too much like a Spider-man archetype, but Porter takes what little material there is for the character and creates a compelling, fast-paces story—and Ferreyra draws an absolutely hideous villain in the best way.

  • 80

    A promising upgrade from its debut issue last month, The Fastest Man Alive #2 injects some humor—and more importantly, character—into its protagonist. We get to see The Flash grow and begin to settle into his own in a well-paced and much-improved issue. Though the comic very-much has a movie tie-in vibe, it’s still leaps and bounds better than it should be.

  • 55


    When I concluded issue #1, I was pretty excited about #2. This time around, however, my excitement is diminished a tad. A pretty easy formula felt denied thanks to a half-cocked narrative — plus, the art could’ve helped avert some issue if there was more connective potential across this story. I’ll certainly read and likely review #3, but my hope is that it can finish this run strong by balancing the cheesy with the insightful, give us robust heroes and villains to engage, and build this title beyond mostly OK stories intended to sell movie tickets.

    If it can, we can forget about speed levels and just call Flash the most charming and emotionally resonant man alive.

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