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The Flash: One-Minute War Special #1

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Based on 14 critic ratings.

A lot can happen in 60 seconds… as the Flash event “One-Minute War” rages on, writer Jeremy Adams gives you further insights into the alien speedster race that has invaded Central City, and how the Flash Family fights back!

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43 pages
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14 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 95

    Lyles Movie Files

    The One Minute War Special left me far more excited about the direction of the arc, which should be a good indicator of how it will conclude over the next few weeks.
  • 90

    Geek Dad

    This is just a blast, all around. All the segments fit together smoothly, and Adams’ unifying voice keeps this a tight story with great action.
  • 90

    But Why Tho?

    The Flash: One-Minute War Special #1 is a massive tie-in powered not just by Adams but by a whole host of amazing artists that demonstrate speed in their own unique ways.
  • 90

    Fortress of Solitude

  • 90

    First Comics News

  • 87

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    The Flash: One-Minute War Special #1 helps introduce the Fraction and gives fans more of a background as to who they are, what they want, and where they come from. Truthfully, the very first story was by far the best followed by the dinner party freeze frame and the return of a Willaimson villain. Overall, fans will discover that The Flash: One-Minute War Special #1 provides some much-needed pizzazz to an event that seemed to be missing a purpose and point. If you were on the fringe of this event, hopefully, The Flash: One-Minute War Special #1 will rejuvenate you a bit more. Let’s just hope Adams rolls the success of this issue into the remaining Flash issues left in this event and possibly piggybacks off some of the flair and excitement these artists gave him and carries them into the series going forward.
  • 86

    Comic Watch

    The Flash: One Minute War Special #1 finally brings some clarity to this event while also delivering fun heroics along the way. All four artists in this issue bring their A-game in delivering different and unique stories.
  • 85


    There's a lot to like with The Flash: One-Minute War Special #1 special. All four stories add to the event while doing their own thing with a different artist while giving each speedster a different vibe. Fans of the robust Flash canon will delight in all the familiar faces while learning more about the villain. This is a good special as it shows the scope of speedsters involved and the stakes in play as the villains currently reign supreme.
  • 80

    Get Your Comic On

    The Flash: One Minute War Special adds new layers to an already blockbuster story. Inspired character choices from the Flash Family sit alongside an intriguing chapter adding context to the motivations of The Fraction
  • 70

    Comics Nexus by Inside Pulse

    Glad to get the backstory of the Admiral and the Fraction. Very cool seeing the return of the Gold Beetle. This One Minute War feels epic. Ok art.
  • 65

    Weird Science DC Comics

    The Flash: One-Minute War Special #1 delivers a rich backstory for the Fraction and fills in the rest of the oversized issue with filler. If you're interested in reading a comic that provides context for the main villain, this is the one for you. If not, you can skip it.
  • 60

    Ultimately, there are some pieces of this moving tapestry that are worth eyeballing if you're a diehard Scarlet Speedster fan, have been digging Jeremy Adams' take on Wally West and family, and/or want to see more ancillary material to pad out the One Minute War, but at the end of the day, this does feel like material that isn't a necessity in understanding the grand picture of the latest Flash crossover. With a $6.99 price tag to boot, this might be an issue that you can narrowly avoid at light speed.
  • 50

    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

  • 37

    Major Spoilers

    In the Bronze Age, the Big Two publishers would put out annuals each summer, packed with backups and tryouts for young creators, and The Flash: One Minute War #1 is an unexpected throwback to those days, giving us a shotgun blast of stories, mismatched art styles, and over-the-top coloring, earning a slightly disappointed 2 out of 5 stars overall. There’s entertainment value to be had here, especially for regular Flash readers, but it’s unfortunately not going to be the six-dollar price tag’s worth for most of us.

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