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The Flash 2024 Annual

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Based on 8 critic ratings.

With Wally West M.I.A., Central City needs help dealing with all the bizarre new threats that have arisen, so thankfully, Wallace West, Avery Ho, and Circuit Breaker are here to help.

But can they count on Barry Allen, who is having a crisis of his own?

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43 pages
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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    But Why Tho?

    The Flash 2024 Annual takes Wally to the edge of everything. This story needed to be told in an annual, as it needed space to go as far as it did. The movement is breathtaking, and the scope is bewildering. All you can do while reading is hold on. The emotional side of the comic is heavy and numbing at the same time. It has the feeling of exhaustion after a marathon. Of giving up after running so far and realizing there’s nothing left to run for. The art is a terrific collaboration that shows how far the artists and Spurrier can stretch their imaginations.

  • 85

    Nerd Initiative

    I overall enjoyed this The Flash 2024 Annual. Between the beautiful colors and well-written story, there is a lot to be immersed in while also not giving us too much at once. This is a must-grab issue this week!

  • 80

    First Comics News

    No review.

  • 75

    Comic Watch

    The Flash 2024 Annual is a strange annual that feels more consequential than an annual should, although it does an excellent job contextualizing the events of the main series.

  • 70

    Geek Dad

    There’s an interesting plot device this issue that brings all the characters together. As Irey, Jai, Ace and Avery, and Linda (who is currently being investigated by Amanda Waller) go about their own plots, Wally bip-bops in and out of reality at the worst possible moment, seeing their doubts about him and about the role of the Flash in the world. That sends him into a spiral, which makes him easier prey for the strange cosmic entities he encounters. But a mysterious woman he encounters in the world beyond worlds offers him an anchor point. There are also a surprising number of villains in this issue – two major Flash villains, as well as a major DC villain, all play a role. It’s certainly clever and ambitious, but overall I’m not sure it works when it comes to moving Wally’s story forward. It seems to be dragging him down even further, if anything, and leaves me wondering what the larger plan is for this run.

  • 60

    The Flash 2024 Annual proves to be absolutely essential reading for the current run of The Flash, as it compresses some heavy loads of exposition and ongoing storylines into a single, over-sized issue bound to read better as a whole than stretched across multiple months. While this seems to be a wise approach overall, it compresses some current flaws with The Flash with an inconsistent collection of artists. Taken as a whole, the annual provides a recap of the sci-fi strangeness and metatextual qualities defining writer Simon Spurrier‘s take on the character. These concepts remain interesting, but their connections to one another and the human story of Wally‘s family are tenuous and it often reads like these sequences will read more impactfully when the story is considered as a whole. Further hints and suggestions only tease at how this story fits together after the better part of a year being developed. Seeing all of the new characters, planes of existence, and other oddities in a single issue helps readers see the problem with more clarity; this is counterbalanced by an array of artistic contributors who often lack the distinct style and visual language that’s defined these ideas in earlier issues, though. It’s a mixed-result that serves to condense a lot of high-level concepts without pushing the story much further. Hopefully, it lays the groundwork for some much more effective issues of The Flash ahead.

  • 50

    Graham Crackers Comics

    If you were hoping for some clarity with the current storyline, you may be disappointed. Reverse-Flash is still manipulating events as the Folding Man continues to collect and empower the Rogues Gallery. Barry is still going mad and Wally is lost in his own little crusade and abandoning his real life. The rest of the Flash family is getting caught up in the mess. Writer Simon Spurrier manages to keep the various plot points moving but I can’t help but feel The world of the Flash has lost a lot with all this multi-dimensional nonsense.

  • 30

    Weird Science DC Comics

    The Flash 2024 Annual boils down to a straightforward Flash story buried under mounds of unnecessarily complicated narration, convoluted tangents, and disharmonious art. In fairness, you get a little clarity about the real culprits behind the reality-bending mess, but it’s not worth the cover price.

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