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The Flash #6

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Based on 7 critic ratings.

After the shocking ending of last issue, Wally West’s world has been completely upended-and as he quite literally is putting the pieces together,

The Stillness’s attempts to reach out to a higher power are answered.

Lace up your boots as the first arc of the critically-acclaimed new era for the Scarlet Speedster concludes!

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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Comic Watch

    The Flash #6 ends the first arc with a bang, answering some questions while opening the door to others. The plot only thickens from here and The Flash has never been better than this.

  • 90

    Speed Force

    The artwork continues to be outstanding! It’s trippy, which fits the atmosphere of the story – but that description does not do the artwork justice. It’s exceptionally well done. Thanks to Mike Deodato, Jr., Trish Mulvihill, and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou.

  • 90

    Nerd Initiative

    Speedsters are at their best when faced off against one another. Simon and his crew hint towards something much darker on the horizon despite this visually stunning issue.

    I am very curious to see where this tale goes, especially with Thawn being teased at the end.

    The highlight of this issue for me has got to be the panel where Wally takes off into the Speedforce after Barry in a panel of pure bliss. Trish and Mike have really killed it.

  • 80

    Geek Dad

    The end of this issue makes a lot of things clearer and gives us our first clear look at the main villain of the run, and the art by Mike Deodato continues to be incredibly surreal and creepy. But ultimately, Spurrier is doing a lot here, and trying to fuse two tastes that go great on their own, but don’t always go great together. It’s the most experimental DC run I’ve seen in a while.

  • 80

    But Why Tho?

    The Flash #6 celebrates confusion. The book is at an impasse. Spurrier is telling a cosmic horror story within the confines of the forces that control the Flash. And while reading it is mesmerising, comprehension of what is happening is on the verge of slipping away. Everything about this comic is mindblowing, from the plot to the script to the art, which maintains interest in the book. However, the creative team must be careful not to alienate the audience completely.

  • 60

    The Flash #6 is designed to function as a culmination of the series to date, drawing upon its many new elements, various villains, and family dramas to reveal a conspiracy drawing them all together. Yet that climax fails to feel climactic as its characters hardly resonate on the page. There’s hardly any evidence of character as every protagonist is buried beneath a mask and presented in mid-range or distant panels, especially the borderline comical presentation of Linda beneath a mask. Emotional states are increasingly difficult to define in an artistic style that seems scared of human reactions. And the continued need for rushed explanations of past interactions struggles to portray how any of these ideas connect to one another. There’s a lot of potential in prior issues, but none of it is drawn together in The Flash #6, a detour without much purpose.

  • 50

    Weird Science DC Comics

    The Flash #6 takes a significant step toward answering the mountains of odd mysteries by revealing the mastermind behind Flash’s reality-warping troubles. Unfortunately, the answer is almost surprising in just how unsurprising it is, which makes all the complicated storytelling to get to this point seem pointless.

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