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The Flash #788

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When Gregory Wolfe wins the mayorship of Central City, he implements a radical agenda to instill order…including deputizing the Rogues to enforce the law and ridding the city of its well-known vigilante-the Flash!

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Lyles Movie Files

    Adams shows such an impressive comprehensive knowledge of The Flash and his supporting characters while still making way for new co-stars like Mr. Terrific. Pasarin’s art is so good. The emotions he brings out of the characters is outstanding and the details packed into every panel is commendable. Ryan doesn’t shortchange that detail either allowing Cox’s colors to pop. This new arc seems like it’ll be a memorable one — it’s hard to go wrong with The Rogues in a prominent role. The quality of The Flash isn’t a surprise at this point. It’s just a matter of what lane this creative team wants to take us on.
  • 93

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    That’s exactly what this issue and recent run remind me of… Johns’ Flash run! From the art down to the story, and the feeling in between, Adams has the perfect blend of story, fun, and this almost “everyday man” attitude from Wally that mirrors what Johns did in his run. It provides this Silver Age touch that just feels right but with the Rogues instead. It’s almost like Adams was using the Rogues as this lead in like Adams did with Cicada and Brother Grimm as he kicked off his run in 2000. The next steps for Adams if he follows the blueprint that I think he is, we will see some other familiar faces (like the cliffhanger) that we haven’t seen in quite some time while he possibly creates some new villains of his own along the way. And what would a Flash run be with Hunter Zolomon or Eobard Thawne? I think if you’re reading the tea leaves correctly, you’ll see that Adams is in for the long haul. And he deserves it. Mark Waid got about 100 issues to tell his story. Geoff Johns also got to manage around 100 issues sprinkled throughout Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis, Blackest Night, and into Flashpoint. With how well Adams has done getting Wally back to his old self, I highly recommend DC Comics just let Adams do his thing as Waid and Johns did long before him. Again, I highly recommend Flash fans hop on board now if they haven’t already. You can thank me later.
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    Geek Dad

    This is very much an old-school story with a lot of familiar elements, but it feels fresh thanks to its take on Wolfe. This guy is a very different villain than Flash has ever faced, the closest thing he’s ever had to a Lex Luthor or Kingpin, and he’s clearly looking to replace the chaos with an order of his own making. Flash has always had a unique relationship with his villains, and that backfires on him in one way this issue when he tries to seek out one member of the Rogues for help—but it also saves him when another unexpected face returns in the cliffhanger. This is a book that never loses sight of what makes itself work—its focus on characters—and that’s why it’s the best Wally West run since Johns’ heyday.
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    As I've said numerous times reviewing Adams' take on the Scarlet Speedster, this book is simply fun. It doesn't break the wheel or offer anything ground-shaking in the world of superheroes, but it gives fans a solid take on Wally West and his life as a family man, while having a steady grasp on the past continuity of the blue-collar hero. There's a lot of heart to be found in this issue, with Wally and Linda discovering that there will be an addition to their family, with the added bonus of seeing the Rogues being made into cops for Central City. The Flash operates, to me, on the mantra of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" and this latest issue is a breezy, fun-filled romp.
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    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

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    First Comics News

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