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The Flash #786

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Based on 8 critic ratings.

Even by Wally West’s standards, the Flash has been on the run recently-and that’s before he had to help step up in the wake of the loss of the Justice League.

And while everything is happening everywhere, he and Linda need to talk…

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    The Flash #786 is a miraculous book. Despite being a middle-chapter tie-in to a crossover event, it is easily accessible to new readers. The story is gripping, the characters instantly likeable and the artwork all-around amazing. If you haven’t been reading The Flash, here is where to start.

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    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

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    Geek Dad

    When this run on the Flash was announced, most of the reactions were confusion over who the writer was and doubt that Wally would actually be allowed to take the helm long-term again. Well, I am here to tell you that not only is Wally headlining one of the best recent Flash runs, but Jeremy Adams is quickly becoming one of the best writers DC has. This run has been so fun and such a great antidote to the scope and scale of DC’s most epic stories. But what’s funny is that even when it’s dealing with event tie-ins like this recent arc, it somehow doesn’t lose any of that charm. The Flash family is back from the Multiverse, and now they’re ready to tackle Deathstroke’s army. The whole team is united again—and Linda is officially joining the fray with a costumed identity. There’s some hints at what might be a lost speedster, from Jay’s reaction, and no mention of Linda possibly being pregnant—yet. It’s not clear where the annual takes place timeline-wise.

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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    The family fun and zany efforts of the West family continue as The Flash #786 races through another Dark Crisis tie-in. Guest stars clutter this issue providing an array of moments that showcase Adams’ willingness to do the work, research characters, create authentic, creative stories, and mesmerize audiences with wit and charm. Sure, The Flash #786 may not be “required” reading but the Adams imprint was all over this installment.

    My only true, and biggest real concern is that I feel like we’ve been floating in this empty story void for months now where Adams hasn’t really had the chance to continue “his” story or add weight to his ideas. Fun and cute can only get you so far. Now, I want to see what Adams can do by building on that same charm he’s captured and ushering in a new, powerful era with the entire West family. I have a feeling he’s the right guy for the job!

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    Weird Science DC Comics

    Watch out for The Fraction……. but for right now you can just watch out for the Flash Family coming together and having some fun together while beating back the forces of The Great Darkness. This is such a fun Dark Crisis tie-in and it’s doing the most in showing us the world during this event….. because it’s actually doing something. We’ve got great art, great storytelling, and an issue that reminds us why we love reading about Wally West and everyone in his family.

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    Crossover events can always be tricky when it comes to interrupting a superhero’s storyline in their main book, but Adams has been able to do well within the confines of Dark Crisis in relation to Wally West and his family. This latest issue is perhaps the best we’ve see so far as Wally, Linda, and their kids dive headfirst into the hero game, attempting to put out fires as the world slips into ruin. The Flash family staying upbeat in a dire scenario works well here, and while there are some foibles with the artwork here, it’s ultimately a worthy read if you’re looking for how the hero community is operating in a world without the Justice League.

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    Lyles Movie Files

    This issue makes for a solid Dark Crisis tie-in and Adams makes sure to keep plot threads and subplots he’s established continue on even in this setting. It’s a worthwhile read just not at the previous heights the title has consistently hit for most of 2022.

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    First Comics News

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