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The Flash #784

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The search for Barry Allen! Wally and Wallace have arrived on the planet Pariah has trapped Barry on-but it’s not quite a happy reunion among the Flashes. The Dark Crisis tie-in storyline continues!

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15 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    DC Comics News

    The Flash #784 is another fantastic issue from Jeremy Adams. While this has always been one of my favorite comics, it has become my very favorite in the Rebirth and Infinite Frontier eras. With Adams writing it, it will likely hold that place for the foreseeable future.
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    Fortress of Solitude

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    Speed Force

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    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

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    The Flash #784 is an even better issue than the opening salvo of last issue, firmly establishing the stakes and having some fun with alternate dimensions. The Flash makes the multiverse feel new again.
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    Lyles Movie Files

    The Flash remains a vastly enjoyable read that outdistances the competition on the strength of the excellent scripting and lively action sequences.
  • 90

    Geek Dad

    Dark Crisis has sent the Flashes into the multiverse, and this second issue is just as entertaining as the first part of the tie-in. With Barry Allen lost in a world that is designed by Pariah as a honey pot, the entire Flash family has headed to different worlds to try to track him down—with mixed results. Jesse Quick and Max Mercury headed to a strange post-apocalyptic world where a grizzled Barry drives racecars in battle against ruthless villains. The visuals are great here, but it mostly seems to be a red herring—similar to the world Iris and Jai have found themselves on, a noir-accented world where a billionaire Barry Allen hunts crime as the Night-Flash, a ’90s-antihero-inspired version of the hero who stalks all outsiders—even children with powers similar to his own. The art style continues to shift nicely for each segment, although it’s clear which segment our attention is really supposed to be on.
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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    THE FLASH #784 was fun, vibrant, and added some intriguing developments that will cause fans to ponder as to what the heck is going on in these alternate worlds. Readers won’t get any new big answers, however, they will see the gist of these next few issues as the Hunt for Barry Allen continues. It appears as though he’s not in any of these three (at least right now) … but… there is still a possibility he could be in one of them. So, keep your eyes peeled on the last universe, which was also the most exciting. I think there is more than meets the eye within that universe. And even though the two other worlds aren’t as interesting, I still have no doubt the wildly fun and entertaining style that Jeremy Adams has brought to THE FLASH continues in spades. If you’ve been all in on THE FLASH to this point, you’ll absolutely love this installment. And if you’re new to THE FLASH and are interested in testing the waters with this issue, it won’t make a ton of sense contextually. Yet, you’ll leave the comic realizing just how entertaining this series truly is.
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    Multiversity Comics

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    But Why Tho?

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    First Comics News

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    Weird Science DC Comics

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