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The Flash #782

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The Speed Force on lockdown! Some of the Rogues are plotting something big inside Iron Heights, and the Flash goes inside to root out the plot. Meanwhile, Wallace figures out his future, and Linda tries to find out if she really has powers…

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    DC Comics News

    The Flash #782 is another fantastic issue from Jeremy Adams. Adams has done a great job of re-establishing Wally as DC’s foremost speedster. I look forward to seeing what Adams has planned for Wally as he heads into Dark Crisis and next issue’s “The Search for Barry Allen”.
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    Lyles Movie Files

    The Flash is basically in a dead heat with Nightwing and Batman Superman World’s Finest for best DC regular series. It’s been consistently good since Adams’ arrival and with Adams, Pasarin and crew so dialed in, this has become one of the best comics from any company. And one you can’t skip at this point if you enjoy comic books.
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    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    THE FLASH #782 offers quick fun and goofy sidebars that make the issue lighthearted and entertaining for all ages. Wally’s scatterbrained approach mixed with Wallace’s level-headed modern story beats makes for a great one-two punch. Sure, the whole evil Warden angle at Iron Heights has been done before. However, I think Adams is still in the process of recreating Wally West and now Kid Flash. Readers, if you think about it, tons of confusion and damage has been done to the FLASH family as a result of the NEW 52, which eventually compounded into the disappearance of Wally and replaced with Wallace West. Yet, they both re-emerged and took up space making things even more confusing which they tried to write off as Wally’s cousin. Yup, no confusion their folks. Anyway, I think Adams is making a valiant attempt to recreate Wallace as “Ace”, which is in the name by the way… WallACE, and elevate any more mangled connections between the two other than their family line. Adams strategy has been working with Wally and I have faith that it will work here with Wallace. Fun stories, distance, and time fix almost everything in comics. And that’s exactly what the FLASH has been since Adams took control. I highly recommend getting the whole family on board with THE FLASH. However, this issue may not be the best time to dive in. If you can, go back an issue or two or simply get the prior trades to see what I’m talking about before jumping in. You won’t regret it.
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    Geek Dad

    It’s hard to find a book that’s more pure fun right now than Jeremy Adams’ Flash. It doesn’t have the dense storytelling or larger issues of some books, but it embraces the spirit of the DCU in a way I haven’t seen for a long time. It could come right out of the ’90s in the best way. This issue continues the team-up of Wally and Wallace, and this duo has the best sibling energy I’ve seen in comics in a long time. The way they tease each other and snark is genuine and fun, but it doesn’t stop them from being a highly competent superhero team. This is on display when they foil an attack by B-list Rogue Girder, who has broken out of Iron Heights—and then work together to investigate the conspiracy coming out of the prison as the sinister Warden Wolfe makes his move for greater power in the city. It seems like Adams is building to a bigger Rogues story that will involve Iron Heights heavily.
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    Comic Watch

    A really well-done issue that you're going to enjoy. Loads of action and an interesting mystery is uncovered and it maintains that Flash spirit of enjoyment. Grab this one, folks!
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    Weird Science DC Comics

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    Comics Nexus by Inside Pulse

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