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The Flash #780

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Even the Fastest Man Alive can’t outrun all the danger of the War for Earth-3. Enlisted by his former teammates on the Teen Titans, Wally West helped bring the Titans to Earth-3 but will any of them make it home? Chased by Earth-3’s Johnny Quick, the Scarlet Speedster quickly finds himself running out of options.

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  • 100

    DC Comics News

    I continue to be astounded at how good Jeremy Adams’ run on The Flash is. The Flash has always been one of my favourite titles, but it’s only since the Rebirth era that it’s been my very favourite… and it’s gotten even better since Adams took over as writer.
  • 95

    Lyles Movie Files

    The Flash continues to be one of DC’s can’t miss titles. Issues like this one are a prime example. The War for Earth-3 crossover continues next week in Teen Titans Academy, which will have to bring it since the bar has been raised now.
  • 90

    Comic Watch

    “War for Earth-3” has been an outstandingly-executed romp so far, and its third chapter here is no different. Throwing an x-factor character smack dab into the middle of a crossover is usually a recipe for excess and bloat, but in Adams’ deft hands, the addition feels utterly natural. The man is a wealth of talent, and is absolutely poised to be a huge star. Let’s hope he stays on Flash for a good, long time despite that, though. Will Conrad is on pencils and inks this month, and he brings his A-game. Even a rotating trio of colorists doesn’t change that (and for what it’s worth, it’s an utterly seamless transition between Cox, Pantazis, and Herms). Conrad, though, is the star – born of the Ivan Reis style of art, with dynamic, bold linework and a thoroughly powerful inkline. Conrad has been around for a good, long while, and has a distinguished career behind him – but if his work here is any indication, he’s just getting warmed up.
  • 85

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Readers will discover exactly how a tie-in book should be as THE FLASH #780 balances well between the current story with just enough references to the WAR FOR EARTH-3 while keeping his own story afloat. FLASH fans continue their story while people interested in the WAR FOR EARTH-3 get just a taste to see how the two weave together. Furthermore, as a Johnny Quick fan from way back in FOREVER EVIL, I was happy to see him get some more air time once again, especially after the recreation of Earth-3 following the events of DEATH METAL. THE FLASH #780 just made sense to have speedster vs speedster for this tie-in. Yet overall, I was more excited for individuals interested in the WAR FOR EARTH-3 to get the opportunity to dip their toe into THE FLASH to see how well Adams has taken the reigns and brought Wally West out of the $&@$ storm that began back at DC REBIRTH and crescendoed in HEROES IN CRISIS. Now’s the time to hop on board THE FLASH, especially with FLASHPOINT BEYOND on the horizon.
  • 85

    Geek Dad

    The third chapter of War for Earth-3 might as well be a different world, as Jeremy Adams steps in and gives us what’s essentially another installment in his excellent Flash run—with a lot of chaos coming in and out.
  • 80

  • 68

    Weird Science DC Comics

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