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The Enfield Gang Massacre #4 (of 6)

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With a dangerous hurdle cleared, the Enfield Gang continues its battle with Capt. Ely while the deposed Sheriff Hardesty seeks answers to the question of who killed Bill Barley.

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    Comic Watch

    The Enfield Gang Massacre #4 leads its audience further towards an ultimate tragedy, as violence and death cast their shadows over Enfield and his posse. Condon reinforces the futility of mythologizing the real people of the old West, proving that they die just like any other person even when doing an act of valor. Phillips elevates that undercutting of the myth by creating a rhythmic flow of a painful death as a result of a heroic action.

    The coloring also exemplifies that subversion, while also showcasing the contrast between the outlaws’ fate and the civility afforded to the law. Most importantly, the lettering of this issue highlights the twisted nature of death and beauty on display in this issue, as the beautiful depiction of music serves as a lure for the dark and twisted fate of the outlaws. This is a must-read issue for fans of Westerns, the larger Texas Blood narrative, or anyone in search of a gut-wrenching, enthralling story of the tragic tale.

  • 100

    Nerd Initiative

    If you continue to sleep on this mini series I feel bad because, it is perhaps Image Comics strongest run currently on going. The duo are bringing back the desire for a great Western tale while making us feel real emotions for everyone involved.

  • 90

    The Enfield Gang Massacre is one of those comics that’ll leave your stomach in knots, and the fourth issue of this limited series is no different. Condon’s tale here evokes a sense of claustrophobia as Montgomery Enfield and his crew find themselves trapped. The issue as a whole largely takes place over a single set piece, something that helps sets the cramped tone. Phillips’ artwork this issue is also brutal in the best of ways, with blood and kablam’s found aplenty.

  • 90

    Comical Opinions

    THE ENFIELD GANG MASSACRE #4 brings the heat, raises the death toll, and delivers surprises in another thrilling issue. Readers follow along in real-time as the massacre draws closer to an inevitable conclusion, and Phillips’s pulpy art is top-notch.

  • 85


    This creative team continues to turn the Western on its head as the cavalry arrives to aid the bad guys. Add in some moody and sometimes even gory visuals – gloriously presented on newsprint – and you have another strong chapter of this limited series.

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