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The Enfield Gang Massacre #2 (of 6)

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Accused of murder and hunted by a Texas Ranger, the Enfield Gang attempts to escape.

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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Comic Watch

    The Enfield Gange Massacre #2 is yet another perfect issue in the long line of excellent stories springing from Ambrose County. The spinoff has made clear that the book is interested in doing more than just recounting a reference made in the backmatter of That Texas Blood, instead taking the ethos of the main series and applying it to the forefather of the neo-noir western series. The scripting from Condon reads like a lit stick of dynamite, utilizing a burning wick to speed up the internal tempo of the story. That paired with Phillips’s dynamic, echoing layouts and dueling coloring creates a dissonance of craft that can’t help but enthrall the reader from page one. Condon and Phillips top themselves with issue two, and make evident there are still bullets in the chamber for the story going forward.

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    Nerd Initiative

    If issue 1 had you on the fence then issue 2 will pull you head first into the deep end. This duo is at the top of their game in this issue putting on a clinic of storytelling.

    If you had any doubt a good old-fashioned Western tale could be a hit in this day and age then look no further than The Enfield Gang Massacre.

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    Comic Crusaders

    All in all, this was a great comic to read. I entered thinking that it would be a boring cowboy story but ended up loving every second of it. Oh, and before I forget, the covers are truly exceptional! They remind me of Norman Rockwell’s illustrations but with more blood and gore.

  • 90


    If you are a fan of action – particularly the Old West variety with shootouts in saloons – this is the book for you. It takes the traditional lawman vs. villain story and turns it on its head, which makes for a great read.

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    Comical Opinions

    THE ENFIELD GANG MASSACRE #2 amps up the violence, death, and tension for a brisk but satisfying fight for survival in the middle of the night. Condon keeps readers on the edge of their seats non-stop, and Phillips’s brutal art is phenomenal.

  • 90

    Just when you think The Enfield Gang Massacre can’t make you feel any more claustrophobic, it tightens the chokehold it has around your neck just a little tighter. For a script that has little movement in terms of progression, Condon manages to provide a masterclass in dialogue and setting a sense of urgency. Phillips’ lineart is at its most vicious yet, helping craft this story into a beautifully brutal Western.

  • 85


    There’s a lot to love in The Enfield Gang Massacre #2. A thunderous shootout and a foreboding second half continue to show The Enfield Gang Massacre sets a new standard for Western comics.

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