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The Department of Truth #5

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WHAT is Black Hat? WHO is the mysterious man pulling its strings? WHY is he in Cole Turner’s apartment? The first arc of the smash-hit new series from JAMES TYNION IV (Batman) & MARTIN SIMMONDS (Dying is Easy) comes to a dramatic conclusion, as Cole questions whether or not he’s on the right side of the War for the Truth!

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11 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Comic Watch

    Issue #5 of DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH continues to brilliantly trade on mixing very real-world researched conspiracy theory with a tense and atmospheric fictional narrative brilliantly brought to life by Simmonds art and Bidikars lettering that explores the idea of the truth as a malleable entity that bends shapes reality itself to whatever the majority of humankind believes and in this issue Tynion IV adds the additional layer of twisting the main character’s beliefs too as he blurs the lines between “Good” and “Bad.”

  • 100

    But Why Tho?

    All things considered, I would have to call The Department of Truth #5 a new high water mark for the series. As it draws both Cole and the reader into its story, I become ever more engrossed by its unique, spellbinding work.

  • 100

    DC Comics News

    In The Department of Truth #5, Tynion continues to deliver his superbly intriguing and engaging story. This series is quite unlike anything I’ve read before and I’m loving every page of it. I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes a deep and challenging reading experience.

  • 96

    You Don't Read Comics

    Tynion and Simmonds are doing a really good job of pacing the story. Investigations into the unknown and shadowy government secrets can be really, really difficult to keep fresh from one episode to the next without over-rendering a moment and answering too many questions. The creative team has reached the fifth issue of this series without making progression feel too slow OR too fast. Its a really well-balanced approach that has served the series quite well so far.

  • 95

    Lyles Movie Files

    The Department of Truth keeps raising the stakes of the crazy and unpredictable. While the cliffhanger isnt as strong as earlier issues the book definitely sets readers up for another wild ride next issue.

  • 90


    The Department of Truth is one of the most exciting new series I’ve read in years. It harbors dark truths about our own reality while developing an idea that belief is something humanity at large can control as a group. Mixing in demonic nightmares and one man attempting to navigate a dangerous situation, we have ourselves a series you can’t put down. You won’t.

  • 90

    Major Spoilers

    Strong writing and fantastic artwork mark The Depratment of Truth as another issue in a really strong, really compelling series that speaks to the moment America is trapped within.

  • 90

    Horror DNA

    The Department of Truth is a reading experience unlike any other. The story is just close enough to reality that you can see it actually happening. That presents an entirely different kind of horror from the likes of vampires and werewolves. This hits deep, right at your core and it will stay with you for some time.

  • 85


    Cole Turner has an unexpected visitor in ‘The Department of Truth’. One who tries to offer him an alternative perspective in a world gone mad. A fittingly head-spinning finale to the first arc of this engaging, thought-provoking seers from James Tynion IV and Martin Simmonds.

  • 84

    Forces Of Geek

    Tynion has written another fine script here. There is a lot to like and it is intriguing throughout. The art isn’t my favorite but I am adjusting to it enough.

  • 40

    The Department of Truth presents readers with the “other” side of the story, as the leader of Black Hat makes his alternative truth pitch to the protagonist. As is somewhat predictable at this point, The Department of Truth seems to moving away from fringe theories and into secret histories, which are two sides to the same coin. While the comic captures the sinisterness of these conspiracy nuts and the lies they’re peddling, it still struggles to present anything of real substance. There’s so much noise and cool-sounding jargon, but I’m still struggling to see how either side in this conflict are worth rooting for.

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