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The Department of Truth #15

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Back in 1967, the Department of Truth went out to West Virginia and tried to create a tulpa of its own. Forty-six people died in the aftermath. Fan-favorite illustrator DAVID ROMERO (Razorblades: The Horror Magazine) joins Eisner Award-winning writer JAMES TYNION IV to reveal the true origin…of Mothman.

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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    You Don't Read Comics

    The Department of truth is another amazing issue of Tynion's masterpiece series, filling in some important backstory. It also features some absolutely gorgeous artwork by guest artist David Romero. Each issue of this series adds deeper levels to Tynion's story as he takes us further down the rabbit hole.
  • 96

    You Don't Read Comics

    Any fictional exploration into the lore of unexplained phenomena is going to have a hell of a time being anywhere near as interesting as the phenomena itself. Tynion and company once again bring something interesting to the page that can only be brought forth in a fictional treatment. It may not be as fun or fascinating as the real thing, but Tynion is telling a thoroughly enjoyable story that is quite in tune with its own strengths by the fifteenth issue.
  • 92

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Tynion IV does some unique and interesting storytelling in this issue. Having the story shaped in this way does something interesting to the reader in how the story begins to be interpreted. The story continues to be deeply compelling and brilliantly written. I continue to be impressed with the scope and ambition of this series and I cannot wait to see what James Tynion IV comes up with next. The Art: Romero does some brilliant work with the art in this issue. The art itself is a unique element in this particular issue and it works brilliantly in tandem with the style of the story itself.
  • 60

    Department of Truth #15 isn't a comic – not in the traditional sense. Instead, James Tynion IV and guest artist David Romero opt for a series of prose pages detailing an encounter with the Mothman and the Grinning Man, both of which are popular cryptids seen in West Virginia and southern Ohio. Ultimately, it's an experimental take from an experimental book, one which will likely land well with some but will feel like more self-important nonsense that treats real life tragedy and folklore as frivolous fiction that can be summarily dismissed and warped into a nonsensical grand unified plot line to others. At least the Mothman illustrations look cool.

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