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The Department of Truth #10

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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Comic Watch

    DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH #10 is a pitch-perfect marriage of brilliant writing from Tynion IV that expands the idea of Truth and Belief as physically manifesting forces with stunning artistic collaboration between Simmonds and Bidikar for an issue that is at once menacingly intriguing but also threaded with a deep sense of tragedy that reminds us of the cost of believing in the unbelievable…

  • 100

    DC Comics News

    The Department of Truth #10 takes us further down the rabbit hole, and Tynion keeps digging it deeper than I ever imagined possible. Tynion’s story is addictive and keeps me jonesing for my next monthly fix.

  • 90

    Forces Of Geek

    The story by James Tynion IV is really great. Tynion really does a great job of scripting this to perfection. I very much enjoyed where we ended up by the end of the issue. I am intrigued to see if the quality stories on this book can possibly continue.

  • 80

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: James Tynion IV continues to build an interesting and intriguing world with this series. The characters remain dynamic and interesting and the dialogue is intellectually engaging. The story in this issue touches on some great ideas, but the handwritten letter was a little overdone and took away from the flow of the story and its tension. Everything else was great and continues to keep me riveted.

    The Art: Simmonds has a mastery for delivering a mood and tone in a scene visually and the style of the art continues to be a highlight.

  • 80

    You Don't Read Comics

    The world that Tynion is building is fascinating. It would really need to dive in to embrace the art a bit more to be totally satisfying in comic book format, but its solidly entertaining as is. Simmonds art really SHOULD be engaged by the script much more than Tynion is allowing for, though. Issue number ten seems to be merely scratching the surface of a strange and mysterious world of existential horror. Given the right fusion, the series could be brilliant.

  • 70

    The Department of Truth delivers a decent episode by going more in-depth as to what the Department actually does via a field mission. While we get the usual deep-dive into belief vs. truth and how that builds into the mythology of the series, we also get a glimpse of what employees do when they’re not dealing with creepy Illuminati-esque conspiracies. This issue deals with cryptids and how Bigfoot and his ilk are actually a lot more dangerous than what they let on. It’s an interesting issue, one of the better books in this series.

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