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The Deadliest Bouquet #4 (of 5)

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Who killed Jasmine Hawthorn? Everyone has a theory. Violet pumps Detective Bayani for information, but he’s not falling for the honey pot. Despite rekindling their spark, Poppy pushes Derek and the kids away when Holly finds an unusual artifact in her old room. Rose thinks she has everything figured out as the sisters disagree on whom the real killer could be.

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  • 90

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    THE DEADLIEST BOUQUET #4 raises the emotional stakes to the point that its very unclear how the story will shake it. To an extent its unclear whether the sisters will even come down on the same side. In the end Schultz does an excellent job raising the stakes and priming the reader for the final issue.

  • 77

    Major Spoilers

    The Deadliest Bouquet #4 rambles a little, but it seems clear that the obvious gang shakedown motive is just a red herring. Jasmine had a long and complicated past, but perhaps we are closing in on the solution.

  • 40

    The Deadliest Bouquet is starting to feel meandering. Essentially, the mystery that has been at the center of this story since issue #1 is dragging out in a way that is greatly uninteresting. As this series has continued onward, the character work and writing have largely been quite good, but without the backing of a compelling plot, I’m having a hard time getting invested further. With The Deadliest Bouquet set to wrap up in issue #5, I’m starting to believe that this series is going to conclude in an unsatisfying manner.

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