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The Deadliest Bouquet #2 (of 5)

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The Hawthorn sisters aren’t the only ones with questions—the cops have some of their own. Was Jasmine doing some “freelance work” outside the flower shop? Is that what got her killed? Where was Violet last night? And will Poppy ever let Derek know what’s really going on?

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  • 97

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    There was not much that I felt needed to be improved after DEADLIEST BOUQUET #1. Part of those could be attributed to the first issue needing to get the series going. Even so, DEADLIEST BOUQUET #2 managed to address those very things. Poppy’s family and the police still need to be better integrated. They’re not quite smoothed out. But the story remains a compelling mystery and absolutely worthy of your attention.
  • 96

    You Don't Read Comics

    Schultz, Borelli, and Contreras’s world of the three sisters is beginning to become clear. With any luck, the heroic, mysterious women might have to battle the scummy Neo-Nazis who might have killed their mother. Schultz is smart enough to hold the plot at a distance as the personalities of the badass sisters begin to develop. There’s an emotional connection that begins to build between the reader and characters in a very tight fusion between action, family drama, and espionage.
  • 70

    The Deadliest Bouquet continues its slow build around the mystery at the center of this series. I still believe that the three sisters who serve as the main characters of the story are all well-written and characterized throughout. On the art front, though, issue #2 features more than a handful of awkward panels. This is primarily in regard to some of the faces and body contortions that characters are featured with. The jury's still out for The Deadliest Bouquet in the long term, but I've enjoyed the story that is being woven thus far.
  • 70

    Major Spoilers

    The Deadliest Bouquet #2 is ambitious in that the plot appears to span decades and the main characters continue to be quiet about their family secrets. Consequently, this limits the ways we as readers can be filled in. Some moments feel contrived, but overall, it is an interesting mystery to follow.

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