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The Dead Lucky #9

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Generally favorable ratings

Based on 4 critic ratings.

Still reeling from the shocking discoveries of last issue, Bibi returns to San Francisco—but with Pyre always one step ahead and an even more powerful foe moving in the shadows, is her city still safe for her?

THE DEAD LUCKY is a Massive-Verse series.

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31 pages
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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Comic Crusaders

    It’s really great to see what color scripting can do to a story and to be honest, I had no idea of the importance it held in the comic’s making process till reading this. So Mattia, props to you and keep up the amazing work.

  • 86

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Aside from the first few pages, French Carlomagno’s art provides compelling portraits of characters in realistic settings.

    Mattia Iacono makes a strong case for why readers should pick up Dead Lucky #9. Vibrant colors energize action scenes and draw readers into drama. The nuanced coloring adds interest even to the occasional scene lacking backgrounds.

  • 80

    Comic Book Revolution

    As every piece moves around Bibi the more compelling the story in Dead Lucky becomes. Melissa Flores and French Carlomagno are doing a great job at exploring the ramifications there are with the emotional connection Bibi shares with the cast of this series. Which is made even more compelling by an old friend from Bibi’s past shaking the foundation enough to question what comes next.

  • 60

    The Dead Lucky #9 shines brightest when the robots and superpowers take a back seat, which might be surprising if you’ve followed the series thus far. The team of Melissa Flores, French Carlomagno, Matt Iacono, and Becca Carey have shown time and time again that they know how to craft a slick action sequence, and Lucky’s powers always steal the show. That makes issues like The Dead Lucky #9 even more impressive, as most of the thrills here are two people battling it out in the form of wordplay and dialogue. Bibi and Valentine are especially great sparring partners, and Maria and Georgia aren’t too far off either. A bit of clarity regarding Pyre’s goals would be welcome, but hopefully that’s something that just comes with time. The Dead Lucky #9 is another solid entry in the series, and it seems we could be heading to something even better when issue #10 rolls around.

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