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The Dead Lucky #5

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Generally unfavorable ratings

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With Bibi in Morrow custody, Maria and Eddie must work together to figure out how to set her free before the Salvation Gang’s escalating war destroys the entire city.

But without her connection to her energy ghosts, there may be nothing Bibi can do.

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    The Dead Lucky #5 ultimately reads like a first draft, with any number of minor flaws to be found in its paneling, transitions, and clunky plotting elements. Just as the many series actors prepare for a battle another one arrives; in the lead-up there are callbacks to relationships and attachments that add nothing new, and what follows is an underwhelming climax, at best. (...) The most important revelations and twists emerge as expository dialogue detached from the action itself in what was likely intended to be a climactic encounter that reads instead as an indictment of the series' most substantial storytelling flaws.

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