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The Boys: Herogasm #2 (of 6)

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NOTE: This comic is for adult viewers only, due to sexual content and nudity.
The first-ever Boys spin-off mini-series features the pairing of Ennis with Hitman artist John McCrea and covers by Boys artist and co-creator Darick Robertson! Things heat up at the super-retreat, as new heights of hedonism are scaled and Jack From Jupiter introduces A-Train to the depravity of ‘Forbidden’. The Homelander, meanwhile, is indulging in a little peccadillo of his own- one that will have far-reaching consequences for the world’s superhuman community. Hughie finds himself talking dirty, Payback get an offer they can’t refuse- and the Boys put their own plan into operation…

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    Comic book nudity! Sex! Orgies! Heroin, cut with Wonder Wom-I mean Queen Maeve’s vaginal mucus! Are you excited?! You should be!

    This comic is so filthy! All of the issues actually got bagged at my local shop! I’ve only seen that once before. Anyway, this is Ennis’ first The Boys spin-off, Herogasm. Last issue, Ennis poked fun at all of the comic mega-events coming out, and there sure have been a lot of them lately, but the irony seemed to be that this series itself was useless. Oh, sure. I appreciate Zatanna jokes, “ELDARC EHT SLLAB. EKORTS EHT TFAHS,” as much as the next man, but that, plus a whole lot of nudity, was all the first issue really was. Well, this issue, Ennis managed to do the impossible. He added even more nudity AND more plot. Amazing!

    That’s right. Herogasm appears to take place before issue #31 does, and so we’re seeing the explanation for some of the events already occurring in the main title. In addition to that, Ennis provides foreshadowing galore. There might soon be some internal strife in The Seven. Heck, we may even see some major Vought American plots unfold in this series. So, in addition to making your genitals happy (There’s some male nudity in here too, girls), Herogasm is indeed necessary reading.

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    Major Spoilers

    First of all, let me say that Major Spoilers does NOT condone the use of illegal and/or disgusting substances, nor the utilization of orgies to get at your political enemies, though we do not, in theory, have a problem with multiple partners within the boundaries of a healthy consenting adult relationship. (Or, maybe that’s just Matthew. Bygones…) However, this issue seems to have gone a lot further into the realm of shock and awe than the previous, even as the plot makes it’s first step forward. If you are an adult, and you don’t have a problem watching implied sex and drug use, this issue has several things going for it. John McCrea’s art is interesting, and the fact that it’s not photo-realistic does help to offset some of the creep-factor of half-naked superheroes. Garth Ennis takes some chances with his script, and while it doesn’t ever really capsize, there seems to be a palpable sense of “How do we top last time?” The balance comes out a little bit off-kilter, and there are some very uncomfortable sequences in these pages that tend to bring my grade down a bit, but The Boys: Herogasm #2 earns a not-bad 2.5 out of 5 stars overall. There’s nothing sexy about these naked rutting people, but I kind of get the feeling that may be the point of it all…

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    ’m still not sure why I bought this comic book. Maybe the soft porn lure got to me. The problem is that if this is soft porn, this is bad soft porn. But I could tell that from a quick glance at the book’s interior. It doesn’t look good. The characters look like caricatures.

    I still don’t understand all the subplots and who is trying to outfox who. Although I joined this new series with #1, I still don’t know what it’s purpose is about and why I should care about this comic book. That’s because the writer assumes that you have read the series from which this one spins off from, The Boys. Well, I haven’t and in comic book writing, not assuming that your reader picks up your book for the first time is a capital sin. I should not have to go through years and volumes’ worth of material to figure out what is happening in the pages of this comic book.

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