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The Bloody Dozen: A Tale Of The Shrouded College #1 (of 6)

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SPACE VAMPIRES! In this new installment of THE SHROUDED COLLEGE, CHARLES SOULE WILL SLINEYs supernatural horror-adventure saga, three down-and-out astronauts are tasked with the ultimate heist—breaking a group of deadly vampires out of a space prison orbiting the Sun. Apollo 13 meets Blade in this killer thriller!

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    The Bloody Dozen #1 continues the tales of the Shrouded College with a slow-burn approach to its high-concept tale. If nothing else, give it a try or check out Hell to Pay. Good horror isn’t just limited to the movies or TV; you can find it in the pages of comics like these.

  • 80

    Major Spoilers

    The Bloody Dozen #1 sets up a wild adventure with the supernatural in space. Underlying it is a thread of gritty realism which is tempered by a bit of dry humor and makes it an entertaining read.

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    The latest story in Charles Soule’s “Shrouded College” series has arrived and even though it doesn’t require knowledge of the previous title it’s still not entirely welcoming. In fact, though the narrative has a clear throughline from beginning to end it’s really not until it’s final page that it’s even all that interesting to read. Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque provides pencils for the series and brings a unique style that harnesses both the magical aspect while leaning into a cheekier, cartoon-like tone; however, when the book calls for more gratuitous artwork he can make that work too. The Bloody Dozen is a decent read but which sadly doesn’t really pique interest until the final moment, perhaps it can build on it for a strong story the rest of the way though.

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