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The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries #2

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Come to Slaughter Swamp and get a selfie with Solomon Grundy! For the adventure tourism crowd, that’s a potent lure, and there’s a real estate developer who has big plans…and a lot of swamp to profit from! Will Batman and the gang from Mystery Inc. figure out what’s going on in time to save some Gothamites from a zombie disaster?

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    Geek Dad

    The rotating creative teams on this book all take a slightly different approach, and J. Torres takes us to Slaughter Swamp—where Solomon Grundy sightings are becoming more and more common. So common, in fact, that a business has sprung up of tours designed for teenagers to get selfies with the rampaging monster. When the Mystery Machine crew finds themselves stranded in the swamp, they encounter Grundy—followed by Batman, who reveals that the real Grundy is still safely locked up in Arkham. This is a clever concept for a mystery, exploring one of the spookier and more infamously haunted areas of Gotham, but it has one big problem. These books are usually designed to have mysteries that are easy to solve—but this one literally has only one suspect, and it’s clear who the culprit is the second their name is said. Fun story introducing the concept of Grundy to young readers, but even Scoob could solve this one!
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    Taking a short-cut into Gotham City, Mystery, Inc. find themselves in Slaughter Swamp where they run into DC Comics’ most famous zombie along with Batman and a promoter named Cyril Gold selling a paranormal tourism experience for Millennials looking to take a selfie with Solomon Grundy.

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