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The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries #10 (of 12)

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All aboard the Mega-Mystery Cruise! Amateur detectives attend a new convention held on the high seas-part escape room, part dinner theater, there’s a mystery to solve in every room. In the buffet, the mystery is “How many shrimp can Scooby-Doo eat?”! But when an actual pirate tries to take the ship, he’ll find more trouble than he anticipated!

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    Geek Dad

    This nautical-themed adventure finds the Mystery Machine crew boarding a massive new cruise ship equipped with a new ocean-scanning technology built by…Bruce Wayne, who’s taking the cruise in his civilian identity. The cruise is set up as a mystery-themed party – something Velma and co. are a little too good at solving – but the mystery soon takes on a new level as a group of ruthless teleporting pirates board, terrorizing the passengers and commandeering the ship to a mystery location where a treasure can be found. There are a few clever little details about how everyone finds out the villain’s identity, but this is one of those issues that feels very much like a traditional Scooby Doo mystery – just with Batman on board as well. It’s fun, but it doesn’t quite have the levels of DC mythology this series can hit when it’s at its best.

  • 70

    Dark Knight News

    This week’s issue of The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries was a decent outing. The plot wasn’t overly complicated if a little predictable. Everything about the issue was pretty consistent, which made for a fairly easy read. All the characters seemed to be their usual selves and everything was fine. It just wasn’t the most exciting issue and that’s okay. Everybody needs an alright filler every now and then and this time is no different.

  • 70

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries #10 isn’t a terrible story, but it isn’t as exciting either. It could have benefited from a different villain, or at least have had the villain have a little bit more dialogue once he was revealed. It was interesting, though, to see the gang a little bit unsure of themselves, and looking to Batman as the master detective. Perhaps one day they will discover Batman’s true identity.

  • 70


    Fun adventure that offers the unmasking of a classic DC villain at the end (even if the physics of how the super-villain kept his costume under the pirate mask makes no sense). We don’t get all that much from Mystery, Inc. in the investigation, and only a little for Batman, with so much of the story happening before the arrival of the pirates, but they do solve one of the room mysteries earlier in the issue.

  • 60


    I can’t complain too much. Here we have one of those issues that misses the potential that this series has and settles for good enough. It’s an enjoyable enough read but I think most people will forget about it as soon as they close the back cover.

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