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The Avengers Annual #23

Pluto and Loki meet in an interdimensional void and decide to switch enemies: Loki will target Hercules while Pluto will go after Thor. Meanwhile, the Avengers are training at their mansion, but both Captain America and Hercules are feeling down.

Loki goes to Hades and recruits Typhon, along with other imprisoned titans, to assassinate Hercules. They attack him in a restaurant and successfully defeat him, taking him to Hades. Typhon forces Hercules to forget his anger towards him and instead directs it towards Zeus by submerging him in the waters of Lethe.

Loki observes as Typhon reaches Olympus and extinguishes the Promethean flame, causing the Olympian gods to vanish. The Avengers arrive and fight against Typhon’s minions, ultimately defeating them. Captain America confronts the confused Hercules, reminding him of his past penance and unleashing his anger. However, Hercules regains his memory and turns his rage towards Typhon. The Avengers join forces and defeat Typhon, restoring the Olympians.

Zeus demands an explanation and summons Pluto, who denies any involvement. Loki is disappointed with Typhon’s failure but is confident in Pluto’s ability to destroy Thor.

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