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The Avengers #33

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Two classic Avengers return for the first time in years, but does this modern world really need them? A giant shift is on the horizon as the Avengers come to terms with themselves as a team and a family. Plus: Hydra with alien tech? Uh oh!

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  • 90

    Chuck's Comic Of The Day

    It’s really just a basic superhero tale – an adventure is a strange land, some fighting, good friendship, a difficult opponent to face and a smidgen of romance on the side. A great mix and a fun story.

  • 82


    Speaking of Lord Gouzar, despite being a brand new baddie, the ever-entertaining dialogue of Bendis gives him a harsh personality and combat skill to match. The Avengers have a time adjusting to the unique attributes of the micro universe while trying to battle this new foe, lending an air of desperation to the proceedings. Janet van Dyne also reveals how she survived Secret Invasion with a classic “you didn’t see what you thought you saw” explanation. The story cuts off on an awkward beat, yet I am still eager to see how Bendis finishes what has been a grand orchestration of superhero team action.

  • 80


    Avengers #33 is a fun comic in the middle of an arc rounding it’s way in to what could be an extremely interesting finish for Bendis. Avengers fans will find a lot to love in this book, and I am eagerly anticipating reading the next issue.

  • 60

    Brian Michael Bendis’ final Avengers storyline ‘End Times’ continues in this issue of ‘Avengers’. With Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and Giant Man reunited with the Wasp, who was thought to be dead after the events of ‘Secret Invasion’. The team must now find a way to escape the Microverse and the clutches of Lord Gouzar, an unruly inhabitant of this tiny world within our own that sees the Avengers as trespassers in his land.

    There was a great amount of action in this book, but what made it all the more interesting was the rules of the Microverse. Not like the ones that governed the inhabitants, but like the physics of the world that didn’t allow Janet, Tony or Hank’s powers to work properly. In any other situation, this team could’ve been in and out really quickly, but Bendis managed to find something that would cripple the team.

    However, I’m having a bit of trouble finding Lord Gouzar intimidating. Other than being an armored centaur who commands a large army and is carrying a big gun, there’s not much to his bad guy shtick. Hopefully he’s not the only threat to the Avengers in this arc because if it was just him and the only thing to come out of this final story is the return of Janet Van Dyne, I think I’d be pretty disappointed. Not that I’m not stoked to have her back, but it would just be a little disappointing if that’s all BMS accomplishes with this farewell story.

    That being said, I am interested in how this story is unfolding. This particular issue is just a bit weaker than the other two in the story because there wasn’t much plot progression. Hopefully things start to pick up in the next issue.

  • 60

    Comic Vine

    While THE AVENGERS definitely isn’t a bad book, it’s by no means a great one either. For me, it falls somewhere in the middle. Bendis’s ability to craft natural flowing and light hearted conversations is alluring and Janet’s return is a solid hook, but the antagonist and his agenda isn’t anything special… and that happens to be soaking up a good deal of the panel time. Hopefully the story with Lord Gouzar takes an unexpected turn or wraps up quickly.

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